Chimpanzee Synopsis
A baby chimp and his family go about their daily lives in the African forest.
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Not so chimptastic!

MY13yr old daughter,my4yr old son,and I went to see it & my children enjoyed it. I didn't too much, it just wasn't too interesting. It was funny at times, and the bathroom scene not cool. SO there...

healthy alternative to the animated cartoons

By susans_movie_reviews
When I walked in the theater last night with my granddaughter and friend, there was hardly anyone in the theater. I wondered; 'Where are all the people?' The sound in the theater was a little lower...

Special Film

By jfklein23
It is unbelievable when you see what these guys go through to film these scenes. Additionally, the death of Oscar's mother (kind of like in Nemo) was handled in such a manner that younger kids would...


By reppsmith
My husband & I both loved it. Poignant! Dramatic! Relatable! It was told in a narrative way, with a plot and the kind of comments kids could relate to. However, we felt the film had levels and...

Don't sugar coat it, kid. Give it to me straight....

By xk8
I'm happy I saw this movie but it's styled for little kids. The (true) story is wonderful but Disney has added plenty of sugar to satisfy the kiddie audience taste. I wish there were an adult version...

chimpanzee was great

By drlou71
very educational and heart-warming. Tim Allen as the narrator was fantastic, especially when he was talking about "tools". My kids loved it (3.5 and 6.5 y/o)....

CHIMPANZEE ... go see it :)

By Buckelew
I took my two granddaughters 7 and 10 and they both really enjoyed the movie.. I enjoyed it also it was better than I thought it was going to be :)... my granddaughter said" it wasn't really boring...

Great Movie!!

By rlcaruso
I took my 4 kids to see this film and we ALL LOVED IT! Their ages are 6, 9, 11, 12 and I'm 42 and we were all so moved by the story and by the amazing cinematography. WOW! It's so beautiful and...

Wonderful movie... great movie, great story to educate kids

By izaura_baeta
I had the opportunity to watch the movie this weekend with my kids (8 and 6) and husband. My girls and me were very touched with the story. Myself and my 6 years old girl cried. I recommend everyone...


By natashaov24
hubby,kids and i had a great time! mus go see this cute movie, my hubby even cried...

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Rated G | For Mature Theme
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Common Sense Media says Chimp "adoption" documentary has some scary moments.
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