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By Movie geek 1997
Written July 28, 2013
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"So-So" horror movie (SPOILER ALERT)

By Cinemax123
Written March 10, 2010
Child's Play was about a murderer named Charles Lee Ray who used a voodoo spell to become a doll. Most of the movie is just him trying to get out of the doll's body and replace it with a child named Andy. The reason I thought I'd like this movie was because I thought a killer doll would be scary. The reason I didn't like this movie was because it wasn't scary, clever, or suspenseful. You may think it could be suspenseful trying to figure out if he trades bodies with Andy, but if you know theres a Child's Play 2 with the same kid in it then you know that the doll won't.
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By thechristians
Written May 05, 2014
Everyone says this movie scares me . Personally i dont this movie is not scary its a doll full of awesomeness
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