Not out of the realm of possibility

By becksmom
Written January 19, 2007
Call me typical, but I wanted a nice neat ending to this movie. I'll echo what other reviewers have said about the movie not explaining the infertility issue or the human project. Paints a depressing but realistic view of the near future, something that you could see happening, given human nature. Kind of distressing for new parents.
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Very Creepy

By jsttsl
Written February 26, 2008
Somewhat along the lines of "A Day After Tomorrow" & "I Am Legend" it-could-really-happen concept, this movie scare the crap out of you deep down inside. Clive Owens give an Oscar winning performance in this dark thriller as the amazing cinematography grabs hold of you every step of the way. Rent this one, watch it at night in a dark dark room, with the surround sound blaring and let it completely absorb you.
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It is fine

By Victoriasthoughts
Written July 07, 2007
Had some good ideas floating around, but never developed them and the ending is bad.
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Don't Even Think About Going

By Vegasdrew
Written December 22, 2006
I think Julianne Moore and Clive Owen are both extrememly talented. Unfortunately, they somehow got mixed up in this very long and boring movie. Many times great acting can make up for a lackluster script or marginal directing, but this is not one of those times. Please skip this one.
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If you don't go, you're missing the years best movie.

By kyle_infante
Written November 16, 2006

This movie will end the year off on a high note. Great plot, characters, actors, setting, and movie. It's not a must go, it's a have to go movie.

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