Not out of the realm of possibility

By becksmom
Written January 19, 2007
Call me typical, but I wanted a nice neat ending to this movie. I'll echo what other reviewers have said about the movie not explaining the infertility issue or the human project. Paints a depressing but realistic view of the near future, something that you could see happening, given human nature. Kind of distressing for new parents.
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Very Creepy

By jsttsl
Written February 26, 2008
Somewhat along the lines of "A Day After Tomorrow" & "I Am Legend" it-could-really-happen concept, this movie scare the crap out of you deep down inside. Clive Owens give an Oscar winning performance in this dark thriller as the amazing cinematography grabs hold of you every step of the way. Rent this one, watch it at night in a dark dark room, with the surround sound blaring and let it completely absorb you.
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You have to understand the point

By pk_alamo
Written December 25, 2006
This movie (and the book) have a strong point. In some sense, this movie is showing us what is happening in many parts of the world today - in a way we can understand since it is a western country (England). The main story arc is Theo's transformation from being dulled to the violence and desolation of lost hope, to awakening to what life is about (or is supposed to be). It is not a preachy movie, but it has unflinching scenes of violence that we normally only see the aftermath on news shows (Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, etc) and of refugees in terror (which we rarely see at all, in spite of Darfur and elsewhere). Think of it as how we are dulled to much of what goes on on the news and the awakening that takes place every so often in our world. That is the real story. If you understand that, the movie makes sense and is very moving (and well acted). If you expected an action film with the normal story, you will be unhappy with this film.
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Slow at first

By ttaajj1650
Written February 12, 2007
Wasn't real sure how it was going to turn out because it was very slow to get into it. However, once you were there, it was very intense and kept me on the edge of my seat. I explained to my family that it was very sad but very good! I believe it is a must see but it has not gotten many reviews for people to know it is there. I had no idea what it was until we read the Fandango reviews. I'm glad we went to see it.
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... a real idea, futuristic, moving, surprising, and heartfelt, even funny at times

By DarkElfGirl71
Written January 02, 2007
I watched this movie at CineArts on Santana Row, because it was not available at the theater I usually go to. The theater staff there was very friendly and and the viewers where interesting too. I had a chance to watch this movie with a sweet old friend next to me that evening. I didn't ask his name, but he was ever so still during the movie, that I had to ask how he liked it, ... we agreed on this and in other words: "Finally an experience for the mind... a transportation into the future with an amazing return."
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