Children of Men Synopsis
A disillusioned bureaucrat becomes an unlikely champion in the fight for mankind's survival.
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Not out of the realm of possibility

By becksmom
Call me typical, but I wanted a nice neat ending to this movie. I'll echo what other reviewers have said about the movie not explaining the infertility issue or the human project. Paints a depressing...

Very Creepy

By jsttsl
Somewhat along the lines of "A Day After Tomorrow" & "I Am Legend" it-could-really-happen concept, this movie scare the crap out of you deep down inside. Clive Owens give an Oscar winning performance...

You have to understand the point

By pk_alamo
This movie (and the book) have a strong point. In some sense, this movie is showing us what is happening in many parts of the world today - in a way we can understand since it is a western country...

Kept Me In Suspense

By army m
I was very impressed, it was definitely worth the wait. The trailer and previews that I saw on tv about the movie didn't do it justice at all. I've already ordered my own from and can't...

Bleak Future, Fantastic Film

By MovieDX
I have never seen a film that has such a bleak and complete vision of the future. The performances of Clive Owen, Michael Caine, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and newcomer Claire-Hope Ashitey are brilliant. But...

Nice Futuristic movie....

By freakout
Though a bit slow, I liked the movie... The performances are good and the movie makes you think........

a bit deceiving but interesting - He is a good actor though...

By pastoreta
Clive Owen is a good actor, and he gets involved in a movie that could have been more stroking. The book like his author (P.D. James) is original and interesting as a subject. However I felt that the...

children of men

By familyway2go
I thought the movie was very well made and brought alot of questions and maybe even some real concerns of "What if". I thought it was very interesting and enjoyed watching it....

An amazing film

By asnoel
Clive Owen's performance is masterful. The film is a striking look at what could possibly face humanity in a short time. While an incredible desperate criticism of human values, the film provides...

Not too bad!!!

Good idea for a movie. Not the greatest execution of a movie. Still it was enjoyable and kept me watching more or less. I did enjoy seeing their take on how Britian would react in a crisis such as...

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Rated R | For strong violence, language, some drug use and brief nudity
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Common Sense Media says Gripping, violent look at the future. Adults only.
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