Chic Johnson
Date of Birth
Mar 05, 1891
Birth Place:
Chicago, IL

Worked With

Year Name Title
1945 Lee Patrick See My Lawyer
1945 Franklin Pangborn See My Lawyer
1945 Ralph Peters See My Lawyer
1945 Ruth Roman See My Lawyer
1945 Gus Schilling See My Lawyer
1945 Ole Olsen See My Lawyer
1945 Edward S. Brophy See My Lawyer
1945 Noah Beery, Jr. See My Lawyer
1945 Stanley Clements See My Lawyer
1945 Mary Gordon See My Lawyer
1945 Alan Curtis See My Lawyer
1944 Lon Chaney, Jr. Ghost Catchers
1944 Bess Flowers Ghost Catchers
1944 Edgar Dearing Ghost Catchers
1944 Leo Carrillo Ghost Catchers
1944 Tom Dugan Ghost Catchers
1944 Ralph Peters Ghost Catchers
1944 Walter Catlett Ghost Catchers
1944 Edward Earle Ghost Catchers
1944 Tor Johnson Ghost Catchers
1944 Gloria Jean Ghost Catchers
1944 Mel Tormé Ghost Catchers
1944 Martha O'Driscoll Ghost Catchers
1944 Andy Devine Ghost Catchers
1944 Kirby Grant Ghost Catchers
1944 Ole Olsen Ghost Catchers
1943 Edgar Kennedy Crazy House
1943 Percy Kilbride Crazy House
1943 Ole Olsen Crazy House
1943 Allan Jones Crazy House
1943 Patric Knowles Crazy House
1943 Martha O'Driscoll Crazy House
1943 Franklin Pangborn Crazy House
1943 Richard Lane Crazy House
1943 Basil Rathbone Crazy House
1943 Leo Carrillo Crazy House
1943 Alan Curtis Crazy House
1943 Lon Chaney, Jr. Crazy House
1943 Nigel Bruce Crazy House
1943 Hans Conried Crazy House
1943 Thomas Gomez Crazy House
1943 Shemp Howard Crazy House
1943 Andy Devine Crazy House
1943 Billy Gilbert Crazy House
1941 Jane Frazee Hellzapoppin'
1941 Shemp Howard Hellzapoppin'
1941 Ole Olsen Hellzapoppin'
1941 Mischa Auer Hellzapoppin'
1941 Billy Curtis Hellzapoppin'
1941 Elisha Cook, Jr. Hellzapoppin'
1941 Clarence Kolb Hellzapoppin'
1941 Richard Lane Hellzapoppin'
1941 Gil Perkins Hellzapoppin'
1941 Martha Raye Hellzapoppin'
1941 Hugh Herbert Hellzapoppin'
1941 Dale Van Sickel Hellzapoppin'
1941 Gus Schilling Hellzapoppin'
1937 Lew Kelly All Over Town
1937 Franklin Pangborn All Over Town
1937 Ole Olsen All Over Town
1937 Stanley Fields All Over Town
1937 James Finlayson All Over Town
1936 Ray "Crash" Corrigan Country Gentlemen
1936 Ole Olsen Country Gentlemen
1936 Lila Lee Country Gentlemen
1931 Ole Olsen Fifty Million Frenchmen
1931 Bela Lugosi Fifty Million Frenchmen
1931 John Halliday Fifty Million Frenchmen
1931 Helen Broderick Fifty Million Frenchmen
1931 Charles Grapewin Gold Dust Gertie
1931 Ole Olsen Gold Dust Gertie
1930 Noah Beery, Sr. Oh! Sailor, Behave!
1930 Lowell Sherman Oh! Sailor, Behave!
1930 Ole Olsen Oh! Sailor, Behave!
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