Not bad, not bad at all

By jmoneygetdown
Written May 26, 2012
People are going to bash this movie for not being the first of its kind of course. Some parts are predictable but the suspense in this film is definitely on point. A few scary parts as well. By the end of this I think you will be satisfied. nice horror flick
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Great Concept, Bad Execution

By crawford_guard
Written May 26, 2012
I was very upset coming out of this movie because the concept of it was really good, but there was so many things wrong with it making it a complete fail. To start it off the two most characters that you like the most end up being the first two to go and the worst character is the only on to survive. The worst part of the film is how many times they contradicted themselves throughout, for example they first state that 50,000 people lived in apartments in the city...then when they're in an apartment they say this is 1 out of 1,000 apartments in the 50 people lived in each apartment? The movie was so short so I think with even just 30 more minutes of expanding most of the scenes, that alone would have made the movie so much better.
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Redbox Hall of Fame

By JessicaFoxx
Written May 31, 2012
This type of movie has been done before. Dumb (attractive ) U.S. tourist decide to break the rules and end up dead. There now you have seen the movie and saved ten bucks. Go see Avengers or wait for some really good and scary movies coming soon. My favorite part of this movie was watching the previews to upcoming movies.
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Not as scary as I was expecting

By NellyRoo
Written May 25, 2012
Had the makings of a good movie, but ultimately dropped the ball. Not enough gore, not enough of the jump outta your seat scenes. Was disappointed with the choice of "evil element" going after the characters...I don't wanna ruin it for anyone who might actually go watch. I am glad I used a discount deal to watch it, but still disappointed I lost out on sleep to do so! Better to wait for it to come out on DVD, unless you can watch it for free! Lol
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Looked way better in the previews...

By jacobb951
Written May 26, 2012
Wasn't as good as I thought.. way to predictable and some of the graphics were really poor. It was an okay film i give it 2 stars out of 10.
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