Chernobyl Diaries

By Mr Film Freak
Written May 25, 2012
Just caught the matinee for Chernobyl Diaries. Six tourist go on a "Extreme tour" of the town that was abandon by the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster and I think you all know what happens from there! The town ISN'T so abandon and the pissed off hungry Chernobylese(and their pets!!) think that our tourist are a pizza delivery! LOL! There was a couple shocks but nothing to keep you up at night. D-
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By TxMyke
Written May 27, 2012
Just didn't think it was all that great...typical horror movie...bad decision after bad decision...not worth going to the movies...if you can wait for the dvd I'd wait...
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Classic B

Written May 28, 2012
Ok, I'm 60 years old, it's thursday night, and I am sprawled on the couch channel surfing. Trailer comes on with midnight Sneak Preview. What the heck? My wife was up, I was board, last midnight movie was Rocky Horror. We had a blast! It's the classic B movie, and it was fun to have the wits scared out of us over and over. I thought the production values were very interesting, especially how it eased in as a campy college project feel, both in the acting and the techniques. A little 'bad language', no nudity, etc. but due to the 'scare the crap out of you' factor, not for kids.
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By obsessed_movielover
Written May 29, 2012
Chernobyl Diaries was kind of like a Hills have Eyes but better and without perverted messed up people. The movie is pretty good all the way until close to the end. The end RUINED IT. Wait for it to come out on Netflix.
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More "what?" than "wow!"

By alison.shanahan
Written May 25, 2012
This movie started strong. The cinematography had an eery sense of film-within-a-film without all the shakiness of the 'found footage' piece. There's some excellent scenes of the 'extreme tourists' huddled in a van as night falls, and a tense 'chase' scene that recalls Jurassic Park's velociraptor in the kitchen. However, when everyone is still alive in the last ten minutes and the movie has made no attempt at plot, everything falls apart. While I enjoyed cheap suspense thrills and the cinematography during the film, the piece does not work as a whole. There's too many loose ends, and not everything adds up. When you leave the theater, you're more likely to be thinking "what?" than "wow!".
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