Che, Part 1 Synopsis
Che Guevara (Benicio Del Toro) and Fidel Castro (Demián Bichir) bring down Cuba's Batista regime.
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El Argentino

By cardona85
I only saw Part 1 which looks at Che at three different times, when he meets Castro in Mexico, during the revolution, and during some of his time in the US as Cuba's envoy to the UN. The movie is a...

Superb - GO!

By crazysissymonster
This movie was excellent and acting is superb. Encourage everyone to go....

Can't wait to see this

By jesseileen27
I'm in the same situation as the guy in NM. The release date is listed for the 9th of Jan for Che: Part One, but I've also heard the 25th of Jan and there doesnt seem to be a release date for Che:...


By JDB728
I'd been waiting for some time for Part one to come out around here, and I wasn't disappointed. As some other reviews have mentioned, it is a nice mix of a documentary feel, and an action feel. The...

what's the reson?

By purojaguares
I live in albuquerque new mexico USA I love che and movies about him but I don't know what's the reson is not been played here Im still waitting for that and about a month since the date it came out...

Che, part 1

good documentary, probably distorted fantasy view of Che. GTCPA...

Una Manera Objetiva de Mirar al "CHE", and Objetive way to know about "CHE"

By reylopez
This movie shows an objetive compilation of events that led the cubans to their so called "revolucion". Benicio del Toro perfomance was incredible, showing el "Che" as a multi-dimension person. This...

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