• Released
  • August 8, 2013
  • (Limited)
  • NR , 2 hr 20 min
  • Action/Adventure
    Art House/Foreign

Classic SRK masala movie

By racquet21
Written August 11, 2013
If you love SRK, his cheesy dance moves, his silly jokes, and the quintessential 'Rahul' personality, this is your movie. If not that, go for the gorgeous cinematography- I forgot India is such a beautiful country. And South India finally gets the recognition it deserves. Waterfalls, beautiful landscapes, and blue oceans transform you to an India you rarely get to see these days since most movies are shot abroad. And if that's not enough, go for Deepika Padukone's hilarious performance- her heavily South Indian accented Hindi, and gorgeous half sarees are worth a watch. Overall, it's not a timeless classic but definitely worth seeing once in the theater.
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A good one time watch.

By lordmultani
Written August 11, 2013
Typical Rohit shetty movie but good amount of humor, scenic beauty and Message for the masses of course !!! Total family entertainer.. Kids loved it and so did parents and spouse..
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Light comedy - can watch with family

By nayanishhinge
Written August 12, 2013
Shah rukh khaan not acting as himself for a change. Deepika fits in the role nicely. Her typical tamil accent is flawless. Nowhere she seems like overacting. The story takes fairly unpredictable turn of events. All not too much dramatic except one or two evens. Nice songs that would keep humming in your mind. Music is good.
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a must go movie that compelled me to spend time enjoying culture clash.

By ronakshah
Written August 12, 2013
Shahrukh Khan allures the south India audience. No stones unturned to make it big. Srk puts himself in humbled situation and gives chance to the costar actress to show guts to run the story forward. Comedy Romance Cultureclash herd-emotions all play out so well the movies seems to be a must go for people who know there is a Regal cinema hall nearby.
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Chennai Express

By kripriya
Written August 12, 2013
Awesome movie. Excellent story, jokes, and action scenes. Rohit Shetty put SRK to test and he got 100 out of 100. Deepika Padukone also did a good job. Their chemistry was very good. I could not stop laughing throughout the entire movie. The songs were very good. Overall, this is a super hit movie of SRK after Om Shanti Om. I love you, SRK!!!!!
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