Chelcie Ross

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Heather Graham At Any Price
2012 Dennis Quaid At Any Price
2012 Clancy Brown At Any Price
2012 Bob Gunton Trouble With the Curve
2012 Clint Eastwood Trouble With the Curve
2012 John Goodman Trouble With the Curve
2012 Ed Lauter Trouble With the Curve
2011 Winona Ryder The Dilemma
2011 Jennifer Connelly The Dilemma
2011 Clint Howard The Dilemma
2011 Vince Vaughn The Dilemma
2011 Queen Latifah The Dilemma
2010 Dennis Farina The Last Rites of Joe May
2010 Gary Cole The Last Rites of Joe May
2009 John Heard Formosa Betrayed
2009 Wendy Crewson Formosa Betrayed
2009 Robert Morse Mad Men: Season 03
2009 Jared Harris Mad Men: Season 03
2008 Dave Foley The Strip
2006 Judy Davis A Little Thing Called Murder
2002 James Caviezel Madison
2002 Paul Dooley Madison
2002 Bruce Dern Madison
2001 David Ogden Stiers The Majestic
2001 Garry Marshall The Majestic
2001 Hal Holbrook The Majestic
2001 Ron Rifkin The Majestic
2001 Sydney Pollack The Majestic
2001 James Whitmore The Majestic
2001 Bob Balaban The Majestic
2001 Carl Reiner The Majestic
2001 Rob Reiner The Majestic
2001 Martin Landau The Majestic
2001 Allen Garfield The Majestic
2001 Bruce Campbell The Majestic
2001 Matt Damon The Majestic
2001 Paul Mazursky The Majestic
2001 Jim Carrey The Majestic
2001 Steve Martin Novocaine
2001 Kevin Bacon Novocaine
2001 Helena Bonham Carter Novocaine
2001 Laura Dern Novocaine
2001 Scott Caan Novocaine
2001 Lynne Thigpen Novocaine
2001 Elias Koteas Novocaine
2001 Keith David Novocaine
2001 Natasha Richardson Waking Up in Reno
2001 Patrick Swayze Waking Up in Reno
2001 Penélope Cruz Waking Up in Reno
2001 Charlize Theron Waking Up in Reno
2001 Billy Bob Thornton Waking Up in Reno
2000 Michael Jeter The Gift
2000 Keanu Reeves The Gift
2000 Gary Cole The Gift
2000 Rosemary Harris The Gift
2000 Hilary Swank The Gift
2000 Cate Blanchett The Gift
2000 Greg Kinnear The Gift
2000 J.K. Simmons The Gift
2000 Giovanni Ribisi The Gift
1998 John Travolta Primary Colors
1998 Emma Thompson Primary Colors
1998 Tony Shalhoub Primary Colors
1998 Maura Tierney Primary Colors
1998 Mykelti Williamson Primary Colors
1998 Rob Reiner Primary Colors
1998 Billy Bob Thornton Primary Colors
1998 Allison Janney Primary Colors
1998 Caroline Aaron Primary Colors
1998 Larry Hagman Primary Colors
1998 Kathy Bates Primary Colors
1998 Diane Ladd Primary Colors
1998 Robert Klein Primary Colors
1998 Gary Cole A Simple Plan
1998 Bill Paxton A Simple Plan
1998 Bridget Fonda A Simple Plan
1998 Billy Bob Thornton A Simple Plan
1996 Rachel Weisz Chain Reaction
1996 Keanu Reeves Chain Reaction
1996 Joanna Cassidy Chain Reaction
1996 Brian Cox Chain Reaction
1996 Fred Ward Chain Reaction
1996 Morgan Freeman Chain Reaction
1996 Sean Young Evil Has a Face
1994 Christine Ebersole Richie Rich
1994 John Larroquette Richie Rich
1994 Edward Herrmann Richie Rich
1994 Macaulay Culkin Richie Rich
1994 Jon Favreau Rudy
1994 Lili Taylor Rudy
1994 Jason Miller Rudy
1994 Sean Astin Rudy
1994 Charles S. Dutton Rudy
1994 Ned Beatty Rudy
1994 Robert Prosky Rudy
1993 Giancarlo Esposito Amos & Andrew
1993 Brad Dourif Amos & Andrew
1993 Margaret Colin Amos & Andrew
1993 Nicolas Cage Amos & Andrew
1993 Michael Lerner Amos & Andrew
1993 Dabney Coleman Amos & Andrew
1993 Tracey Walter Amos & Andrew
1993 Samuel L. Jackson Amos & Andrew
1993 Bob Balaban Amos & Andrew
1992 Dorothy Malone Basic Instinct
1992 George Dzundza Basic Instinct
1992 Sharon Stone Basic Instinct
1992 Michael Douglas Basic Instinct
1992 Jeanne Tripplehorn Basic Instinct
1992 Stephen Tobolowsky Basic Instinct
1992 Gail Strickland The Burden of Proof
1992 Jeffrey Tambor The Burden of Proof
1992 Hector Elizondo The Burden of Proof
1992 Brian Dennehy The Burden of Proof
1992 Mel Harris The Burden of Proof
1992 Neal McDonough The Burden of Proof
1992 Adrienne Barbeau The Burden of Proof
1992 Eli Wallach Legacy of Lies
1992 Joe Morton Legacy of Lies
1992 Patricia Clarkson Legacy of Lies
1992 Martin Landau Legacy of Lies
1992 Michael Ontkean Legacy of Lies
1991 William Shatner Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
1991 Keanu Reeves Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
1991 Pam Grier Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
1991 George Carlin Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
1991 Alex Winter Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
1991 Joss Ackland Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
1991 Halle Berry The Last Boy Scout
1991 Damon Wayans The Last Boy Scout
1991 Noble Willingham The Last Boy Scout
1991 Bruce Willis The Last Boy Scout
1990 Peter Weller Rainbow Drive
1990 Sela Ward Rainbow Drive
1990 David Caruso Rainbow Drive
1990 Kathryn Harrold Rainbow Drive
1989 Sissy Spacek The Long Walk Home
1989 Mary Steenburgen The Long Walk Home
1989 Dylan Baker The Long Walk Home
1989 Ving Rhames The Long Walk Home
1989 Whoopi Goldberg The Long Walk Home
1989 Tom Berenger Major League
1989 Rene Russo Major League
1989 Wesley Snipes Major League
1989 Margaret Whitton Major League
1989 Dennis Haysbert Major League
1989 Corbin Bernsen Major League
1989 Andy Romano Major League
1989 Charlie Sheen Major League
1989 Gene Hackman The Package
1989 Dennis Franz The Package
1989 Pam Grier The Package
1989 John Heard The Package
1989 Jack Gold The Package
1989 Joanna Cassidy The Package
1989 Tommy Lee Jones The Package
1988 Sharon Stone Above the Law
1988 Steven Seagal Above the Law
1988 Henry Silva Above the Law
1988 Pam Grier Above the Law
1988 Michael Rooker Above the Law
1987 Kathy Bates Murder Ordained
1987 M. Emmet Walsh Murder Ordained
1987 John Goodman Murder Ordained
1987 Terry Kinney Murder Ordained
1987 Keith Carradine Murder Ordained
1987 Lee Garlington Murder Ordained
1987 JoBeth Williams Murder Ordained
1987 Kevin Costner The Untouchables
1987 Robert De Niro The Untouchables
1987 Sean Connery The Untouchables
1987 Patricia Clarkson The Untouchables
1987 Mali Finn The Untouchables
1987 Andy Garcia The Untouchables
1987 Charles Martin Smith The Untouchables
1987 Clifton James The Untouchables
1987 Lynn Stalmaster The Untouchables
1986 Dennis Hopper Hoosiers
1986 Barbara Hershey Hoosiers
1986 Gene Hackman Hoosiers
1986 Ted Levine One More Saturday Night
1986 Kevin J. O'Connor One More Saturday Night
1986 John Cameron Mitchell One More Saturday Night
1981 Herb Edelman On the Right Track
1981 Maureen Stapleton On the Right Track
1981 Jami Gertz On the Right Track
1981 Norman Fell On the Right Track
1981 Brian Dennehy Skokie
1981 Nancy Cartwright Skokie
1981 Ed Flanders Skokie
1981 George Dzundza Skokie
1981 Carl Reiner Skokie
1981 John Rubinstein Skokie
1981 Danny Kaye Skokie
1981 Lee Strasberg Skokie
1981 Eli Wallach Skokie
1981 Kim Hunter Skokie
1980 Stephen Tobolowsky Keep My Grave Open
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