Hilarious Movie

By Vinn4friend
Written June 06, 2007
Should watch it one time. Great movie.
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very enjoyable!

By Pratima
Written June 12, 2007
Definitely go see the movie for a few good laughs and something new & different for Indian cinema. Good acting by all, jokes were quite funny, and Amitabh and Tabu's relationship actually came through..at least you're somewhat affected by this whole idea of a 64 year old marrying a 34 year old and it gets you thinking... and a hindi movie that makes one think (very unusual these days) is worth seeing! On the down side, while Amitabh's charcter is nicely portrayed with all his shortfalls (ie; a confirmed bachelor, chef, insecure about how he looks, his age etc), Tabu's character could have been built up some more which would have added so much to the relationship...theres not much about her except that shes a software engineer and thats not enough to tell you what shes all about. LOVED the mother, she did a superb job of delivering the jokes, Paresh Rawal was very lovable also! Just go see the movie already!!
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Cheeni Kum

By vinigam
Written May 27, 2007
Very entertaining.
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Nice movie

By Parshotam
Written June 23, 2007
I think its a pretty good movie to watch; light comedy with mature acting. Though the story itself is average, overall its a movie to watch...its a good fun time to have.
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awesome awesome awesome

By flyb_jan
Written May 31, 2007
Very well acted and directed by all. A must see movie indeed
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