Plodding psychological thriller

By gxulien
Written January 16, 2013
For Jeff Daniels, things keep getting weirder. After the death of his wife, creepy things keep happening. Is it real, or is his mind playing tricks on him. Pills help him "chase sleep". He's having problems getting to his job as a professor and totally exhausted. Is it stress brought o by the death of his wife? Is he losing his mind? Is it the ghost of his wife? The killer of his wife is also now stalking him. I can't say much without being a spoiler, but this is very much an indie movie and is carried by Daniel's acting skill. The focus is on him, much like it was for much of "He was a Quiet Man" with Christian Slater, Don't expect fast-paced non-stop action, but if you have patience, the ending is well worth it.
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