Chasing Mavericks

By LilMiss10369
Written May 28, 2016
I took the girls, my 10 yr old daughter and one of her bfs to see this yesterday! We all enjoyed it, both inspirational and sad! The actors did a wonderful job, moved me to tears! I would recommend for 10 and up, though not inappropriate for under.
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Chasing Mavericks

By counterisk
Written April 29, 2017
Ok movie, will generate some interest in surfing and big waves, but not much. For the surfers who see the movie, they'll like the premis, but its hollywood and no one will believe any of the stars could get in 2 foot swells none the less maverick size waves. Anyone really interested in watching spectacular big wave surfing should get a copy of real surf movies like "Step into Liquid" and watch legendary Laird Hamilton surf Jaws in Maui or Gerry Lopez surf Banzai Pipeline. Bottom line- ok, nothing to write home about- would never re-watch.
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By mangosweetness
Written November 04, 2012
This movies was a great story about a great man. I'm a fan of Gerald Butler but the kids out showed him. What a beautiful life story!
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A worthy afternoon diversion

By divewell
Written September 24, 2016
It's a surf story, it's a teen story, it's a kid over-comes his obstacles story. Ve4y good.Everyone has a hard luck story and this one was not overplayed. Jay - the lad character actually never whimpers about his losses. This would be a great new trend in America. Instead he has a goal and he woks to achieve it. Nothing is handed to him - he earns it. Go Jay! If "Eddie would go," and you should "live like Jay." then I am not too sure what the message is...maybe it's YOLO all over again. Anyways it was fun. Santa Cruz is a great movie location.
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Chasing Maverick's

By jainmartin
Written November 02, 2012
Great movie! I'm always impressed when actors & actresses learn a sport for a film. There are some great shots of Gerard catching waves! Little ones with no body double =] Imagine what it would be like if they cast an actual surfer in this film? There would be some BAD acting, that's for sure. The scene where the boat nearly flips in Mavericks had me on the edge of my seat. Well done, son!
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