One of the best movies this year? Yes!

By MoviefanLucas
Written October 28, 2012
This movie is beautiful in every single way the locations,story,acting and it's really inspirational. Gerard butler is either a hit or miss for me and in this movie he knocks it out the park. The whole cast is really good as well. This movie had me crying and laughing throughout and when a movie can do that than its a winner and the story is really heartwarming and movie. The actual durfing scenes look amazing with all the white water and the angles it just looks great. I also liked jay and kims relationship that was cute as well but yeah see chasing mavericks you wont regret it! 9/10
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Fantastic Movie based on true story

By lauram_us
Written November 21, 2012
The plot was excellent, and really enjoyed the cinematography!! Must see on big screen.
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Grat movie!

Written November 07, 2012
My wife and I both really enjoyed the movie. Neither of us has ever surfed before, but still liked the story line, the footage of the awesome power of the ocean, and the cast as well. There are a couple of sad points in the movie, but what do you expect from a true story?
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Breathtaking climax!

By ragz82
Written October 28, 2012
I liked the movie. Esp Gerard Butler's n the kid's acting. The family situations were portrayed very well. Showed the importance of a family. Some amazing photography n superb climax.
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maverick mishmash

By williamrholt
Written November 02, 2012
What a thoroughly lame flick. Almost insulting how implausible and poorly directed the scenes are, like all surfers looking out on a beautifully calm shore only to drop down a trail to huge waves. Then the boy who almost drowns picks up a long board the next day and gets up on first try. Disney couldn't have made a worse movie with a more predictable plot and cookie-cutter characters. Ick.
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