Chasing Mavericks

By counterisk
Written September 01, 2014
Ok movie, will generate some interest in surfing and big waves, but not much. For the surfers who see the movie, they'll like the premis, but its hollywood and no one will believe any of the stars could get in 2 foot swells none the less maverick size waves. Anyone really interested in watching spectacular big wave surfing should get a copy of real surf movies like "Step into Liquid" and watch legendary Laird Hamilton surf Jaws in Maui or Gerry Lopez surf Banzai Pipeline. Bottom line- ok, nothing to write home about- would never re-watch.
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chasing mavericks

By bronwynloc
Written August 21, 2014
Great movie, true story, great rolemodel.....the surfing in this movie is amazing. Sad parts, would not reccomend to any kids under 8 who dont like to surf, it is all about surfing....
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Surf's Up

By jjonesindallas
Written October 27, 2012
I went to see this movie for Gerard Butler and I got him and much, much more. I know Butler is the big draw and he nailed his role as surfing mentor, Frosty Hessen. The pleasant surprise for me was newcomer Jonny Weston as surfing legend, Jay Moriarity. The photography was nothing short of spectacular and added to the telling of this amazing story of two people who found themselves in each other. And, yes, I laughed and cried and loved. Great movie!
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"Chasing Mavericks" Is Very Well Done - A Must-See

By camoreno
Written August 21, 2014
We enjoyed "Chasing Mavericks" very much and highly recommend it. Good acting (love everything that Gerard Butler does!), Jonny Weston - actually all actors and actresses did a superb job! The surfing was exciting and the Mavericks were awesome! Thanks, all, for a very entertaining movie about an young man who lived largely.
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By akpurple12
Written November 03, 2012
Jay must have been an incredible young man! My son was born in Santa Cruz in '83, and my ex-husband lives there still, and used to surf there. I called him to tell him he should go see this on the big screen, and he informed me he used to work with Kim's dad and knew her even as a baby. Small world! I suggest any and everyone go see this movie. I'm not an expert reviewer, but suffice it to say that the movie is just totally awesome! Excellent footage, and a good example for young people... Jay is a superb role model. I wish I had know him back then, in some small way. BLESS YOU JAY!!!
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