NoCAL vs SoCal

By bcarmic
Written November 28, 2015
As a lifelong surfer, I LOVED this film. What was great about it was the fact that both leads WERE surfers, unless head replacement are that much improved in Hollywood. I LOVED this film because it respected surfing the sport and the life style. It was authentic as the territorial imperatives, the bad ***surf gangs, the young kid surfer are just archetypes in American surfing. And DP Bill Pope of Matrix fame and a DP that I've worked with as a director was superb. The aerial unit was fantastic. Same for the water units with the world of in water camera people hitting high notes for cinematography. I just am STOKED about Chasing Mavericks because Jay's story was so righteously told. RIP Jay. You and your Board will NEVER be forgotten. Aloha, Bob Carmichael.
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Mavericks Rocks

By QUiogue
Written May 06, 2016
This movie completely captures palpable fear. When Moriarity first sees mavericks you know it is insane to surf it (I did surf so I have a touch of knowledge here). At the end when her personally gets to surf it the footage is fantastic. If you want a bone to pick Gerard Butler's accent makes him sound like he's chewing sand, Also can elizabeth Shue get a role where she doesn't play a drunk? Just asking....
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Chasing Mavericks

By mkitkat
Written August 27, 2016
For a surfing movie I tell you this was Great! It had a really good story made me yea and made me cry! Really nice scenes from Santa Cruz! MUST SEE :)
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A totally wholesome and entertaining film

By fireunderground
Written August 30, 2015
I too have screened many movies this summer. Some bad, some good, and a few like Chasing Mavericks, "GREAT". If your looking for a lot of phony shoot m up or the unimaginable you may or may not appreciate this film. If you enjoy wholesome entertainment, with some realism, good storyline occasional edge of your seat situations and deep look into humanity, then this is a must see movie. Denny
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Chasing Mavericks

By bswhitney
Written October 31, 2012
I loved this movie. I especially like movies based on true stories. This movie is about living life, love and patience. Great movie for the family. I would watch it again.
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