One Great Ride!

By Reel_Deal_Gal
Written September 28, 2016
While I must admit first off, I am somewhat biased, as I love Santa Cruz, having lived in the area for many years. The scenery is spectacular, and this movie, while bordering, but not entering the somewhat "cheesy" zone, does not disappoint. This is a true story of a young man, perhaps an old soul, who knew his destiny from an early age, and followed his dream to ride the Mavericks- once thought to be a myth, but which really exist, the huge swells following a strong winter storm, and cresting up to 80 feet in height. The Mavericks is actually in Princeton-by-the-Sea, California, north of Half Moon Bay, and they happen a good 2 miles out to sea, though the movie made it seem that the area was less than an hour's drive north of Santa Cruz, and they watched the surfers with binoculars. But no matter. The cinematography is spectacular, and the actors, including Gerard Butler, completely engaging. I'd see it again.
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Great movie

By inrio
Written October 21, 2016
Big surprise, not a blockbuster movie but a well made action drama. A true inspiring story with great water cinematography. Must go movie for 10 and over kids anf adults. Surfs up.
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Very Inspirational

By Lfishburne
Written April 30, 2017
First to the Critics: What's up with your reviews? Is there a problem with a film having no blood and gore and being inspirational instead of hateful? Second to those who haven't yet seen it: I feel that this movie was very well done and is safe for young children. Overall, a very good movie. The characters are believable, and the scenery is spectacular.
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Chasing Mavericks

By Mary D. Walton
Written April 30, 2017
My son and I loved this true story. He is 13 and his dad is a surfer. It reminded him of our home in California. The story was well told and acted. It was inspiring.
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Mavericks Rocks

By QUiogue
Written September 25, 2016
This movie completely captures palpable fear. When Moriarity first sees mavericks you know it is insane to surf it (I did surf so I have a touch of knowledge here). At the end when her personally gets to surf it the footage is fantastic. If you want a bone to pick Gerard Butler's accent makes him sound like he's chewing sand, Also can elizabeth Shue get a role where she doesn't play a drunk? Just asking....
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