Thoroughly Entertaining, Warm and Inspiring.

By Alon Patterson
Written October 28, 2012
This is an example of one of those rare occasions when everything comes together just right in a film, producing one really good show. It's a success formula corporate Hollywood spends hundreds of millions dollars annually trying to capture, but proof positive that money alone can't buy what a good old fashioned story combined with screen talent and just a touch of creativity can. No big budget extravaganza here, but every bit as entertaining and a lot more genuine than about 95 percent of the movies exhibited on domestic screens so far this year (and I’ve seen hundreds…it’s what I do.) If you're looking for a good film, one that distracts you from the everyday and when it's over, actually leaves you feeling better than you did when you came in, then this is it. This film is suitable for everyone, although the little guys and gals probably wouldn't be interested. Otherwise, it's worth every cent of the ticket price. See it. You won't be disappointed.
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Awesome surfing footage - Terrific Performances!

By hobbes3
Written October 28, 2012
Set in the world of big wave surfing with some of the most incredible footage of the sport ever filmed, Chasing Mavericks is really a movie about relationships. Father/son certainly, but also how that particular "father-son" combo impacts the lives of the other people around them as well. It packs an emotional wallop. Even knowing the inevitable outcome, I was moved. I don't get the cliche argument used by most critics. Is it cliche if it's true? The cast is all around good. Butler is fantastic as Frosty. Jonny Weston is terrific as wide-eyed, open-hearted Jay.
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Awesome movie!

By lbwoods
Written November 01, 2012
This is a must see movie! Incredible cinematography! A true, touching story about a man, Frosty Hesson, (Gerard Butler) and a teenager, Jay Moriarity, (Jonny Weston) who connect way more than on a wave! A clean story (no sex, profanity, etc) that should appeal to all audiences. Again, Gerard Butler has shown his great passion for becoming his character which almost took his life while filming. The movie also involves local veteran surfers which made this movie very authentic. I love the scenery along the northern California coast, the history of Mavericks and the story it tells. Well done!
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Chasing Maverick's

By Cindy_Pindy
Written October 30, 2012
While Frosty and his friends were not REALLY the 1st 4 to find Mavericks (it used to be called Ross's cove in the 70's) they were certainly the more well known of the 1st generation of surfers. I'm glad Jeff Clark was given props in the credits. The acting was really good and the script was well written. We saw it at the IMAX and you could really feel the rip of the waves and the crash when they came down. Well done. There were four of us and we really loved it.
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One Great Ride!

By Reel_Deal_Gal
Written November 01, 2012
While I must admit first off, I am somewhat biased, as I love Santa Cruz, having lived in the area for many years. The scenery is spectacular, and this movie, while bordering, but not entering the somewhat "cheesy" zone, does not disappoint. This is a true story of a young man, perhaps an old soul, who knew his destiny from an early age, and followed his dream to ride the Mavericks- once thought to be a myth, but which really exist, the huge swells following a strong winter storm, and cresting up to 80 feet in height. The Mavericks is actually in Princeton-by-the-Sea, California, north of Half Moon Bay, and they happen a good 2 miles out to sea, though the movie made it seem that the area was less than an hour's drive north of Santa Cruz, and they watched the surfers with binoculars. But no matter. The cinematography is spectacular, and the actors, including Gerard Butler, completely engaging. I'd see it again.
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