Chasing Legends Synopsis
A glimpse of the most-winning professional cycling team in the world.

Movie Reviews

Chasing Legends

By Visual_meta4s
This documentary is "top drawer". (There's your 5 Word Review) Even though an avid bicyclist since 1972, I continued to learn so much about the human side of the Tour de France; and about the...

Awesome movie

By bikene1
If you are a cycling fan this is a MUST see. Humor, drama, passion, it has it all....

Chasing Legends: Awesome, literally

By kjpg
Yo loved this movie. I am a biker and fan of racing, but even if you hoops or grid-iron is more your thing and your opinion of bike racing is of the "bunch of guys in lycra" variety, this movie is...

Chasing Legends is awesome.

By denicestaaf
This movie is a must see. If you are a biker or just an athlete you will find a new appreciation for the passion of the cyclists in the Tour de France. Columbia HTC is a great team....