By Bluebell123
Written November 21, 2013
I went to see this film strictly because I can't get enough of Mads Mikkelsen. It IS a violent film. I really enjoyed it, and this is the first time that I enjoyed Shiah LeBeouf in anything. He did well in this role. Evan Rachel Wood was excellent. I wish we could see her in more films. Mads was great as both horribly menacing and incredibly sexy. This role didn't have the depth of "The Hunt," but he did all that could be done with what he was given. On my way INTO the movie, a woman coming OUT of the movie said to me "How could you go to see THAT? I want my money back." Delightful to get her feedback before I entered the theater. Obviously, this film isn't for everybody. I just can't understand the lack of promotion for the film, and it only playing in one theater in New York City. I think perhaps it has also gone straight to Movies On Demand, which is awful. On another note, I went to the Empire 25 Multi-Plex on 42nd Street to see this. A very unclean theater.
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Great story

By theo1981
Written November 15, 2013
Its a must see movie , you will enjoy the story!!!
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Something different

By westcoasttraveler
Written November 17, 2013
Visually beautiful, shockingly brutal and charming with a nice side of humor. Shia is brilliant and makes this movie engaging and enjoyable. 9 out of 10, needs to be seen
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Exotic Trip

By qbaf1212
Written November 16, 2013
A well made and cool feeling movie that takes you on a wild journey where you meet interesting characters and good acting. Quite a surprise enjoying movie.
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