Charlie Bartlett Synopsis
An awkward teen (Anton Yelchin) appoints himself his new school's psychiatrist.
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Tyler Hilton's in this movie...

By loriskaggs you can't go wrong!...

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By lXMoViEmAsTeRXl
HAHA it not out yethahahahahahhahahah...


By consuelo8
I saw this movie at the tribeca film festival and i loved it. i have add and i cant focus when i'm hungry but this movie grabbed my attention and didn't let go till the very end i highly recommend...

This is a modern day Ferris Bueler...

By MntD
I liked this movie a lot. It made me think of my highschool/teenage years. Charlie Bartlett was inspiring....

Awful movie! (Saw pre-screening)

By baskett82
This movie couldn’t decide if it was a teenage hijinks comedy, a la "Superbad," or a touching coming-of-age film, so it tried to be both and failed miserably at each. Characters were poorly developed,...

Charlie Bartlett

By rcm3535
I nice film. It won't waste your time....

Nice Theme - Expected it to better though

By PakiHitMan Movie Goer
Well the theme was really awesome; I had been waiting for this movie for a while now and due to delays in releases I couldn't afford to go any later than opening day. Well I really enjoyed the idea...

It was a waste of time

By Act your wage
This is not Risky Business. The acting is horrible. There is no plot and I was relieved when it was over....

Charlie Bartlett

By leeloo53182
This movie was funny and cute. It was like an updated version a Ferris Bueller's day off. More of a rental than a big screen movie though....


By stormy waters
OKAY, let's take Ferris Buler and Juno, and put them together. You know who you get, CHARLIE BARTLETT. I'm sure if you liked Juno or Ferris Buler's Day Off, I'm sure you will like thos movie, because...

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Rated R | For language, drug content and brief nudity
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Common Sense Media says Edgy high school comedy better for mature viewers.
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