Certainly not a history lesson...

By Jaycee5
Written December 21, 2007
Let me start out by saying that this movie is fantastic, Julia Roberts is a bit predictable with a bad accent but Tom Hanks was...well...Tom Hanks. Amazing as always. This movie is not “thought provoking” or “a wake up call for America”. It is not a dramatization of real events. I hope it wasn’t an attempt to rewrite history by the Hollywood liberal elite. I prefer to think of this movie as a complete work of fiction. No more real than “STAR WARS”. As hard as it is for some to believe, the fall of the Soviet Union was orchestrated by Regan/Bush and other like minded conservatives. Charlie Wilson’s small part in this great triumph was greatly overstated in this wonderful movie. Go see “CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR” for what it is...entertainment. But don’t believe it.
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Sophiscated, Witty and Ironic.

By Chefdog03
Written December 21, 2007
I saw an advaced screening of Charlie Wilsons War on 12-20-07. Right from the start you can tell it is a movie for adults based on the topic. Most young adults wont understand the politics involved, but I just happened to know a little about the cold war. If you like well developed adult comedy, go see it. It has some good TNA action and drug use but why not, it is for adults. Tom Hanks is perfect for he role of smooth talking and sauve charlie. His co-stars are just as wonderful and phillip-seymour hoffman is the best comedic smart a** in a long time. You really dont need me telling you about the plot so I am just gonna say how creative and well made this movie was. The smooth transitions bewteen historic film and the movie were amazing. The costumes and sets really made you think it was the 1980's If your a sophiscated adult that undestands witty comedy, you will not be disappointed. If ha-ha comedy is more your style than I recommend you see something else.
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An assumption and I do not want to see

By mecharliebrown
Written December 16, 2007
Making a prediction based on the track record of the leftist pig filled Hollywood. This is another attempt by the liberals to change history in which they are falsely giving credit for the fall of the Soviet Union to a slime bag liberal politician. Reagan and conservatism did it and not you cowardly Snively Whiplash oppressive liberals! All you did was morn when the Soviet Union fell! Booo oooh!
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By RandytheMovieFan
Written March 22, 2008
Great acting, well written, superb production values, a nice history lession and extremely relevant today. Couldn't make a better film choice today. And it's even very funny at times too!
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this isnt a review i just wanted to say the guy below me is an idiot

By MovieReviewer1990
Written December 16, 2007
its a movie chill out
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