Tyler Hilton's in this movie...

By loriskaggs
Written February 03, 2008
...so you can't go wrong!
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By lXMoViEmAsTeRXl
Written July 29, 2007
HAHA it not out yethahahahahahhahahah
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By consuelo8
Written February 12, 2008
I saw this movie at the tribeca film festival and i loved it. i have add and i cant focus when i'm hungry but this movie grabbed my attention and didn't let go till the very end i highly recommend it. even while eating after seeing i couldn't get my mind off of this film its the perfect film for the teenagers of this generation this our breakfast club, pretty in pink, ferris bullers day off. tyler hilton does an amazing job he completely blew me away. GO SEE IT. this is a film for all ages I'm 19 and i went to see it with someone who is in their 40s and neither of us could believe how much we enjoyed it. i promise you you wont be disappointed. oh and in the end everybody dies.
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This is a modern day Ferris Bueler...

By MntD
Written March 21, 2008
I liked this movie a lot. It made me think of my highschool/teenage years. Charlie Bartlett was inspiring.
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Charlie Bartlett

By rcm3535
Written February 26, 2008
I nice film. It won't waste your time.
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