Charles Jordan

Worked With

Year Name Title
1964 Lee Grant Pie in the Sky
1964 Sylvia Miles Pie in the Sky
1964 Roscoe Lee Browne Pie in the Sky
1957 John Cassavetes Edge of the City
1957 Jack Warden Edge of the City
1957 Ruby Dee Edge of the City
1957 John Kellogg Edge of the City
1957 Sidney Poitier Edge of the City
1957 Robert Simon Edge of the City
1957 Reginald Denny Street of Sinners
1957 Stephen Elliott Street of Sinners
1957 William Harrigan Street of Sinners
1957 Geraldine Brooks Street of Sinners
1957 John Holland Street of Sinners
1957 George Montgomery Street of Sinners
1957 Nehemiah Persoff Street of Sinners
1952 Robert Goulet The C.G.E. Show
1950 Joanne Dru 711 Ocean Drive
1950 Don Porter 711 Ocean Drive
1950 Edmond O'Brien 711 Ocean Drive
1950 Bert Freed 711 Ocean Drive
1950 Otto Kruger 711 Ocean Drive
1950 Howard St. John 711 Ocean Drive
1950 Francis Lederer A Woman of Distinction
1950 Ray Milland A Woman of Distinction
1950 Charlotte Wynters A Woman of Distinction
1950 Mira McKinney A Woman of Distinction
1950 Edmund Gwenn A Woman of Distinction
1950 Gale Gordon A Woman of Distinction
1950 Janis Carter A Woman of Distinction
1950 Mary Jane Saunders A Woman of Distinction
1950 Rosalind Russell A Woman of Distinction
1949 Raymond Burr Abandoned
1949 Dick Ryan Abandoned
1949 Jeff Chandler Abandoned
1949 Jeanette Nolan Abandoned
1949 Gale Storm Abandoned
1949 Perc Launders Abandoned
1949 Isabel Withers Abandoned
1949 Howard Mitchell Abandoned
1949 Dennis O'Keefe Abandoned
1949 Mike Mazurki Abandoned
1949 Ruth Roman Beyond the Forest
1949 Minor Watson Beyond the Forest
1949 Ann Doran Beyond the Forest
1949 Dona Drake Beyond the Forest
1949 Creighton Hale Beyond the Forest
1949 David Brian Beyond the Forest
1949 Buddy Roosevelt Beyond the Forest
1949 Joseph Cotten Beyond the Forest
1949 Bette Davis Beyond the Forest
1949 Regis Toomey Beyond the Forest
1949 Houseley Stevenson, Sr. The Gal Who Took the West
1949 John James The Gal Who Took the West
1949 Charles Coburn The Gal Who Took the West
1949 Forbes Murray The Gal Who Took the West
1949 Glenn Strange The Gal Who Took the West
1949 Howard Negley The Gal Who Took the West
1949 Yvonne De Carlo The Gal Who Took the West
1949 John Russell The Gal Who Took the West
1949 Scott Brady The Gal Who Took the West
1949 John Litel The Gal Who Took the West
1949 Edward Earle The Gal Who Took the West
1949 Duke York Mississippi Rhythm
1949 Lyle Talbot Mississippi Rhythm
1949 Veda Ann Borg Mississippi Rhythm
1949 James Flavin Mississippi Rhythm
1949 Paul Maxey Mississippi Rhythm
1949 Lyle Talbot Parole, Inc.
1949 Michael O'Shea Parole, Inc.
1949 Evelyn Ankers Parole, Inc.
1949 Turhan Bey Parole, Inc.
1949 Geraldine Brooks The Reckless Moment
1949 Louis Mason The Reckless Moment
1949 Norman Leavitt The Reckless Moment
1949 Pat O'Malley The Reckless Moment
1949 Joan Bennett The Reckless Moment
1949 James Mason The Reckless Moment
1949 William Schallert The Reckless Moment
1949 Roy Roberts The Reckless Moment
1949 Henry O'Neill The Reckless Moment
1949 Frank Jaquet Shockproof
1949 Arthur Space Shockproof
1949 Isabel Withers Shockproof
1949 Crane Whitley Shockproof
1949 Cornel Wilde Shockproof
1949 Howard St. John Shockproof
1949 Keye Luke The Sky Dragon
1949 Mantan Moreland The Sky Dragon
1949 Elena Verdugo The Sky Dragon
1949 Lyle Talbot The Sky Dragon
1949 Edna Holland The Sky Dragon
1949 Gaylord "Steve" Pendleton The Sky Dragon
1949 Lyle Latell The Sky Dragon
1949 Roland Winters The Sky Dragon
1949 Paul Maxey The Sky Dragon
1949 Milburn Stone The Sky Dragon
1949 Dorothy Lamour Slightly French
1949 Al Hill Slightly French
1949 Don Ameche Slightly French
1949 Patricia Barry Slightly French
1949 Janis Carter Slightly French
1948 Glenda Farrell Mary Lou
1947 Richard Dix The 13th Hour
1947 Regis Toomey The 13th Hour
1947 Pat O'Malley The 13th Hour
1947 John Kellogg The 13th Hour
1947 Humphrey Bogart Dead Reckoning
1947 Chuck Hamilton Dead Reckoning
1947 Isabel Withers Dead Reckoning
1947 Morris Carnovsky Dead Reckoning
1947 Marvin Miller Dead Reckoning
1947 Ray Teal Dead Reckoning
1947 Lizabeth Scott Dead Reckoning
1947 Grady Sutton Dead Reckoning
1947 Wallace Ford Dead Reckoning
1947 William Forrest Dead Reckoning
1947 Edmond O'Brien A Double Life
1947 Howard Mitchell A Double Life
1947 Boyd Irwin A Double Life
1947 Joey Ray A Double Life
1947 Millard Mitchell A Double Life
1947 Buddy Roosevelt A Double Life
1947 Harry Hays Morgan Jr. A Double Life
1947 Ray Collins A Double Life
1947 Joe Bernard A Double Life
1947 Signe Hasso A Double Life
1947 Paddy Chayefsky A Double Life
1947 Shelley Winters A Double Life
1947 Ronald Colman A Double Life
1947 Joe Sawyer A Double Life
1947 Ruth Donnelly Little Miss Broadway
1947 Ben Welden Little Miss Broadway
1947 Norman Willis Little Miss Broadway
1947 Don McGuire Nora Prentiss
1947 John Newland Nora Prentiss
1947 Ann Sheridan Nora Prentiss
1947 Rory Mallinson Nora Prentiss
1947 James Flavin Nora Prentiss
1947 Bruce Bennett Nora Prentiss
1947 Wanda Hendrix Nora Prentiss
1947 Creighton Hale Nora Prentiss
1947 John Ridgely Nora Prentiss
1947 Rosemary de Camp Nora Prentiss
1947 C. Montague Shaw Road to the Big House
1947 Rory Mallinson Road to the Big House
1947 John Doucette Road to the Big House
1947 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Road to the Big House
1947 Mickey Simpson Road to the Big House
1947 Ann Doran Road to the Big House
1947 John Hoyt The Unfaithful
1947 Mary Field The Unfaithful
1947 Ann Sheridan The Unfaithful
1947 Frances Morris The Unfaithful
1947 Julie Compton The Unfaithful
1947 Zachary Scott The Unfaithful
1947 Paul Lukas The Unfaithful
1947 Jerome Cowan The Unfaithful
1947 Monte Blue The Unfaithful
1947 Lew Ayres The Unfaithful
1947 Eve Arden The Unfaithful
1947 Douglas Fowley Wild Country
1947 William Fawcett Wild Country
1947 Lee Roberts Wild Country
1947 Roscoe Ates Wild Country
1946 Don Porter Cuban Pete
1946 Ruth Lee Cuban Pete
1946 Ellen Corby Cuban Pete
1946 Desi Arnaz Cuban Pete
1946 Hattie McDaniel Janie Gets Married
1946 Margaret Hamilton Janie Gets Married
1946 Joan Leslie Janie Gets Married
1946 Dorothy Malone Janie Gets Married
1946 Edward Arnold Janie Gets Married
1946 Barbara Brown Janie Gets Married
1946 Forbes Murray Janie Gets Married
1946 Robert Benchley Janie Gets Married
1946 Monte Blue Janie Gets Married
1946 Donald Meek Janie Gets Married
1946 Mel Tormé Janie Gets Married
1946 Richard Erdman Janie Gets Married
1946 Ann Harding Janie Gets Married
1946 Al Jolson The Jolson Story
1946 William Demarest The Jolson Story
1946 Ann E. Todd The Jolson Story
1946 Scotty Beckett The Jolson Story
1946 Mike Lally The Jolson Story
1946 Franklin Farnum The Jolson Story
1946 Larry Parks The Jolson Story
1946 Bill Goodwin The Jolson Story
1946 Eric Wilton The Jolson Story
1946 William Forrest The Jolson Story
1946 George Magrill The Jolson Story
1946 Sam Harris The Jolson Story
1946 Ludwig Donath The Jolson Story
1946 Will Wright The Jolson Story
1946 Evelyn Keyes The Jolson Story
1946 Warner Anderson My Reputation
1946 George Brent My Reputation
1946 Scotty Beckett My Reputation
1946 Dick Elliott My Reputation
1946 Eve Arden My Reputation
1946 Dick Winslow My Reputation
1946 Lucile Watson My Reputation
1946 Sam McDaniel My Reputation
1946 Barbara Stanwyck My Reputation
1946 Robert Shayne My Reputation
1946 Ann E. Todd My Reputation
1946 Cecil Cunningham My Reputation
1946 Jerome Cowan My Reputation
1946 John Ridgely My Reputation
1946 Esther Dale My Reputation
1946 Harry Seymour My Reputation
1946 Grady Sutton Partners in Time
1946 Dick Elliott Partners in Time
1946 Ruth Lee Partners in Time
1946 John James Partners in Time
1946 John Hamilton Shadows over Chinatown
1946 Sidney Toler Shadows over Chinatown
1946 Lyle Latell Shadows over Chinatown
1946 Mantan Moreland Shadows over Chinatown
1946 Dorothy Granger Shadows over Chinatown
1946 Mira McKinney Shadows over Chinatown
1946 Mary Gordon Shadows over Chinatown
1945 Shelley Winters Escape in the Fog
1945 John Tyrrell Escape in the Fog
1945 Nina Foch Escape in the Fog
1945 Otto Kruger Escape in the Fog
1945 Martha O'Driscoll Her Lucky Night
1945 Grady Sutton Her Lucky Night
1945 Noah Beery, Jr. Her Lucky Night
1945 George Barbier Her Lucky Night
1945 Buzz Henry Her Lucky Night
1945 Edgar Dearing Her Lucky Night
1945 Perc Launders Her Lucky Night
1945 Charlie Hall Her Lucky Night
1945 Cyril Ring Hollywood and Vine
1945 Dewey Robinson Hollywood and Vine
1945 James Ellison Hollywood and Vine
1945 William Benedict Hollywood and Vine
1945 Franklin Pangborn Hollywood and Vine
1945 Ralph Morgan Hollywood and Vine
1945 Grandon Rhodes Hollywood and Vine
1945 Richard Arlen Identity Unknown
1945 Frank Marlowe Identity Unknown
1945 Bobby Driscoll Identity Unknown
1945 Lola Lane Identity Unknown
1945 Isabel Randolph The Man Who Walked Alone
1945 Paul Newlan The Man Who Walked Alone
1945 Ruth Lee The Man Who Walked Alone
1945 Walter Catlett The Man Who Walked Alone
1945 Frank Melton The Man Who Walked Alone
1945 Tom Dugan The Man Who Walked Alone
1945 Jack Mulhall The Man Who Walked Alone
1945 Dick Elliott The Man Who Walked Alone
1945 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams The Man Who Walked Alone
1945 Dave "Tex" O'Brien The Man Who Walked Alone
1945 George Tobias Mildred Pierce
1945 Zachary Scott Mildred Pierce
1945 William H. Ruhl Mildred Pierce
1945 Butterfly McQueen Mildred Pierce
1945 George Meader Mildred Pierce
1945 Jack Carson Mildred Pierce
1945 Ann Blyth Mildred Pierce
1945 James Flavin Mildred Pierce
1945 Eve Arden Mildred Pierce
1945 Bruce Bennett Mildred Pierce
1945 Barbara Brown Mildred Pierce
1945 Veda Ann Borg Mildred Pierce
1945 Joan Crawford Mildred Pierce
1945 Lee Patrick Mildred Pierce
1945 Paul Panzer Mildred Pierce
1945 Ben Welden The Missing Corpse
1945 J. Edward Bromberg The Missing Corpse
1945 Archie Twitchell The Missing Corpse
1945 Anne O'Neal The Missing Corpse
1945 Isabel Randolph The Missing Corpse
1945 Isabel Withers The Missing Corpse
1945 Robert Blake Pillow to Post
1945 Grady Sutton Pillow to Post
1945 Ida Lupino Pillow to Post
1945 Sydney Greenstreet Pillow to Post
1945 Ruth Donnelly Pillow to Post
1945 Stuart Erwin Pillow to Post
1945 Don McGuire Pillow to Post
1945 Paul Harvey Pillow to Post
1945 Bob Crosby Pillow to Post
1945 Willie Best Pillow to Post
1945 Dorothy Dandridge Pillow to Post
1945 Louis Armstrong Pillow to Post
1945 Ferdinand Munier Pillow to Post
1945 Anne O'Neal Pillow to Post
1945 Barbara Brown Pillow to Post
1945 Janet Shaw The Scarlet Clue
1945 Mantan Moreland The Scarlet Clue
1945 Sidney Toler The Scarlet Clue
1945 Charles Sherlock The Scarlet Clue
1945 Benson Fong The Scarlet Clue
1944 Sidney Toler Black Magic
1944 Mantan Moreland Black Magic
1944 Frank Jaquet Black Magic
1944 Edward Earle Black Magic
1944 Ralph Peters Black Magic
1944 Fritz Feld Ever Since Venus
1944 Thurston Hall Ever Since Venus
1944 Mary Gordon Ever Since Venus
1944 Glenda Farrell Ever Since Venus
1944 Billy Gilbert Ever Since Venus
1944 Alan Mowbray Ever Since Venus
1944 Hugh Herbert Ever Since Venus
1944 Isabel Withers Ever Since Venus
1944 Ross Hunter Ever Since Venus
1944 Ann Savage Ever Since Venus
1944 Jean Parker Oh, What a Night
1944 Dick Rush Oh, What a Night
1944 Edmund Lowe Oh, What a Night
1944 Crane Whitley Oh, What a Night
1943 Jack Mulhall The Ape Man
1943 Wallace Ford The Ape Man
1943 Bela Lugosi The Ape Man
1943 Minerva Urecal The Ape Man
1943 John Farrell MacDonald The Ape Man
1943 Elissa Landi Corregidor
1943 Frank S. Hagney Corregidor
1943 Otto Kruger Corregidor
1943 Frank Jaquet Corregidor
1943 Donald Woods Corregidor
1943 Eddie Quillan Here Comes Kelly
1943 "Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom Here Comes Kelly
1943 Sidney Miller Here Comes Kelly
1943 Mary Gordon Here Comes Kelly
1943 Charlie Hall Honeymoon Lodge
1943 Clarence Muse Honeymoon Lodge
1943 Herbert Heywood Honeymoon Lodge
1943 Harriet Hilliard Honeymoon Lodge
1943 Elinor Donahue Honeymoon Lodge
1943 Rod Cameron Honeymoon Lodge
1943 Franklin Pangborn Honeymoon Lodge
1943 Alphonse Martell Honeymoon Lodge
1943 George Zucco Never a Dull Moment
1943 The Ritz Brothers [Al, Jimmy, Harry] Never a Dull Moment
1943 Frances Langford Never a Dull Moment
1943 Elizabeth Risdon Never a Dull Moment
1943 Lorin Raker Never a Dull Moment
1943 Barbara Brown Never a Dull Moment
1943 Franklin Pangborn Never a Dull Moment
1943 Esther Dale Old Acquaintance
1943 Bette Davis Old Acquaintance
1943 Gig Young Old Acquaintance
1943 Philip Van Zandt Old Acquaintance
1943 Creighton Hale Old Acquaintance
1943 Sam Harris Old Acquaintance
1943 Charles Sullivan Old Acquaintance
1943 Ann Codee Old Acquaintance
1943 Ann Doran Old Acquaintance
1943 Roscoe Karns Old Acquaintance
1943 Miriam Hopkins Old Acquaintance
1943 Herbert Rawlinson Old Acquaintance
1943 Anne Revere Old Acquaintance
1943 Irene Ryan Sarong Girl
1943 Mary Gordon Sarong Girl
1943 Mantan Moreland Sarong Girl
1943 Betty Blythe Sarong Girl
1943 Damian O'Flynn Sarong Girl
1943 Henry Kolker Sarong Girl
1943 Bryant Washburn You Can't Beat the Law
1943 Milburn Stone You Can't Beat the Law
1942 Alan Napier Cat People
1942 Jack Holt Cat People
1942 Dot Farley Cat People
1942 Tom Conway Cat People
1942 Murdock MacQuarrie Cat People
1942 Simone Simon Cat People
1942 Howard Da Silva Native Land
1942 Robert Strauss Native Land
1942 Paul Robeson Native Land
1942 Houseley Stevenson, Sr. Native Land
1942 Milburn Stone Police Bullets
1941 Don Beddoe Unholy Partners
1941 Edward Arnold Unholy Partners
1941 Edward G. Robinson Unholy Partners
1941 Al Hill Unholy Partners
1941 Marsha Hunt Unholy Partners
1941 Charles Dingle Unholy Partners
1941 Frank Faylen Unholy Partners
1941 Marcel Dalio Unholy Partners
1941 William Benedict Unholy Partners
1941 Laraine Day Unholy Partners
1938 Max Wagner Penrod and His Twin Brother
1938 Frank Craven Penrod and His Twin Brother
1938 Spring Byington Penrod and His Twin Brother
1931 Harry Semels Platinum Blonde
1931 Reginald Owen Platinum Blonde
1931 Hal Price Platinum Blonde
1931 Jean Harlow Platinum Blonde
1931 Loretta Young Platinum Blonde
1931 Walter Catlett Platinum Blonde
1931 William "Wild Bill" Elliott Platinum Blonde
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