Charles Farrell
Date of Birth
Aug 09, 1901
Birth Place:
Onset Bay, MA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1954 Gale Storm My Little Margie [TV Series]
1941 June Lang The Deadly Game
1941 Ottola Nesmith The Deadly Game
1941 John Harmon The Deadly Game
1941 William Von Brincken The Deadly Game
1941 Dave "Tex" O'Brien The Deadly Game
1939 Nancy Kelly Tail Spin
1939 Jane Wyman Tail Spin
1939 Kane Richmond Tail Spin
1939 Wally Vernon Tail Spin
1939 Alice Faye Tail Spin
1939 Constance Bennett Tail Spin
1939 Mary Gordon Tail Spin
1939 Joan Davis Tail Spin
1939 Harry Davenport Tail Spin
1938 Reed Howes Flight to Fame
1938 Alex D'Arcy Flight to Fame
1938 Bert Lahr Just Around the Corner
1938 Joan Davis Just Around the Corner
1938 Bill "Bojangles" Robinson Just Around the Corner
1938 Shirley Temple Just Around the Corner
1938 Franklin Pangborn Just Around the Corner
1938 Johnnie Schofield Night Journey
1938 Edward Lexy Night Journey
1937 Fritz Kortner Bombs Over London
1937 Lawrence Hanray Bombs Over London
1937 Lawrence Hanray Moonlight Sonata
1937 Eric Portman Moonlight Sonata
1936 Andrea Malandrinos The Amazing Adventure
1936 Moore Marriott The Amazing Adventure
1936 Mary Brian The Amazing Adventure
1936 Cary Grant The Amazing Adventure
1936 Ralph Richardson The Amazing Adventure
1936 Will Hay Boys Will Be Boys
1936 Norma Varden Boys Will Be Boys
1936 Percy Walsh Boys Will Be Boys
1936 Gordon Harker Boys Will Be Boys
1936 Eric Wilton Forbidden Heaven
1936 Beryl Mercer Forbidden Heaven
1936 Andrea Malandrinos Under Proof
1936 Guy Middleton Under Proof
1936 Edward Ashley Under Proof
1935 Andy Devine Fighting Youth
1935 John Farrell MacDonald Fighting Youth
1935 Ann Sheridan Fighting Youth
1935 Herman Bing Fighting Youth
1935 Eliot Makeham Two Hearts in Harmony
1935 Guy Middleton Two Hearts in Harmony
1934 Henry O'Neill The Big Shakedown
1934 Adrian Morris The Big Shakedown
1934 Ricardo Cortez The Big Shakedown
1934 Bette Davis The Big Shakedown
1934 Dewey Robinson The Big Shakedown
1934 Glenda Farrell The Big Shakedown
1934 Edward J. Le Saint The Big Shakedown
1934 Sidney Miller The Big Shakedown
1934 Allen Jenkins The Big Shakedown
1934 Ben Hendricks, Jr. The Big Shakedown
1934 Shirley Temple Change of Heart
1934 Janet Gaynor Change of Heart
1934 Mischa Auer Change of Heart
1934 Ginger Rogers Change of Heart
1934 Gustav von Seyffertitz Change of Heart
1934 James Dunn Change of Heart
1934 Beryl Mercer Change of Heart
1934 Leonid Kinskey Change of Heart
1934 Bess Flowers Change of Heart
1934 Dick Foran Change of Heart
1934 Jane Darwell Change of Heart
1934 Gregory Ratoff Trouble Ahead
1934 Cathleen Nesbitt Trouble Ahead
1933 William Gargan Aggie Appleby
1933 Jane Darwell Aggie Appleby
1933 Betty Furness Aggie Appleby
1933 Constance Bennett Aggie Appleby
1933 Wynne Gibson Aggie Appleby
1933 ZaSu Pitts Aggie Appleby
1933 Gilbert Roland Aggie Appleby
1933 Leonid Kinskey Girl without a Room
1933 Charlie Ruggles Girl without a Room
1933 Mischa Auer Girl without a Room
1933 Gregory Ratoff Girl without a Room
1933 Charles Bickford Red Wagon
1933 Torin Thatcher Red Wagon
1933 Francis L. Sullivan Red Wagon
1932 Greta Granstedt After Tomorrow
1932 Ferdinand Munier After Tomorrow
1932 William Pawley After Tomorrow
1932 Dudley Digges The First Year
1932 Janet Gaynor The First Year
1932 Henry Kolker The First Year
1932 Dudley Digges Tess of the Storm Country
1932 Janet Gaynor Tess of the Storm Country
1932 Louise Beavers Wild Girl
1932 Ralph Bellamy Wild Girl
1932 Joan Bennett Wild Girl
1932 Iron Eyes Cody Wild Girl
1932 Ferdinand Munier Wild Girl
1932 Eugene Pallette Wild Girl
1932 Mary Gordon Wild Girl
1932 Murdock MacQuarrie Wild Girl
1931 Elissa Landi Body and Soul
1931 Myrna Loy Body and Soul
1931 Pat Somerset Body and Soul
1931 Humphrey Bogart Body and Soul
1931 Janet Gaynor Delicious
1931 Mischa Auer Delicious
1931 John St. Polis Heartbreak
1931 Madge Evans Heartbreak
1931 Janet Gaynor The Man Who Came Back
1931 Janet Gaynor Merely Mary Ann
1931 Beryl Mercer Merely Mary Ann
1930 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams City Girl
1930 Roscoe Ates City Girl
1930 Anne Shirley City Girl
1930 Ed Brady City Girl
1930 Will Rogers Happy Days
1930 Betty Grable Happy Days
1930 Warner Baxter Happy Days
1930 Edmund Lowe Happy Days
1930 John Farrell MacDonald Happy Days
1930 Janet Gaynor Happy Days
1930 Victor McLaglen Happy Days
1930 George Jessel Happy Days
1930 Walter Catlett Happy Days
1930 Stuart Erwin Happy Days
1930 Hedda Hopper High Society Blues
1930 Louise Fazenda High Society Blues
1930 Janet Gaynor High Society Blues
1930 Lucien Littlefield High Society Blues
1930 Nat Pendleton Liliom
1930 H.B. Warner Liliom
1930 Lee Tracy Liliom
1930 Estelle Taylor Liliom
1930 Anne Shirley Liliom
1930 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Liliom
1930 Maureen O'Sullivan The Princess and the Plumber
1930 H.B. Warner The Princess and the Plumber
1930 Carl Brisson Song of Soho
1930 Joe E. Brown Sunny
1930 Jackie Cooper Sunny
1930 Ben Hendricks, Jr. Sunny
1930 O.P. Heggie Sunny
1930 Janet Gaynor Sunny
1930 William "Wild Bill" Elliott Sunny
1929 Janet Gaynor Lucky Star
1929 Paul Fix Lucky Star
1929 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams Lucky Star
1929 ZaSu Pitts Sunny Side Up
1929 Mary Gordon Sunny Side Up
1929 Jackie Cooper Sunny Side Up
1929 Joe E. Brown Sunny Side Up
1929 Janet Gaynor Sunny Side Up
1928 John Boles Fazil
1928 Mae Busch Fazil
1928 Dolores Del Rio The Red Dance
1928 Dorothy Revier The Red Dance
1928 Janet Gaynor Street Angel
1927 Ian Hunter The Ring
1927 Gordon Harker The Ring
1927 Carl Brisson The Ring
1927 Fred Kohler The Rough Riders
1927 Mary Astor The Rough Riders
1927 Noah Beery, Sr. The Rough Riders
1927 George Bancroft The Rough Riders
1927 George E. Stone Seventh Heaven
1927 David Butler Seventh Heaven
1927 Janet Gaynor Seventh Heaven
1926 George Bancroft Old Ironsides
1926 Guy Oliver Old Ironsides
1926 Richard Arlen Old Ironsides
1926 Gary Cooper Old Ironsides
1926 Wallace Beery Old Ironsides
1926 Esther Ralston Old Ironsides
1926 Boris Karloff Old Ironsides
1926 Fred Kohler Old Ironsides
1926 Madge Bellamy Sandy
1926 Harrison Ford Sandy
1926 Anna May Wong Trip to Chinatown
1926 John Farrell MacDonald Trip to Chinatown
1925 Harold Lloyd The Freshman
1925 Jobyna Ralston The Freshman
1925 Grady Sutton The Freshman
1925 Willard Louis Love Hour
1925 Huntly Gordon Love Hour
1925 Louise Fazenda Love Hour
1925 Ruth Clifford Love Hour
1925 Ethel Clayton Wings of Youth
1925 Madge Bellamy Wings of Youth
1923 Mary Pickford Rosita
1923 Irene Rich Rosita
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