Charles Clary
Date of Birth
Mar 24, 1873
Birth Place:
Charleston, IL

Worked With

Year Name Title
1930 John St. Polis Kismet
1930 Lorin Raker Kismet
1930 Loretta Young Kismet
1930 Ford Sterling Kismet
1930 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. Kismet
1930 David Manners Kismet
1930 Montagu Love Kismet
1930 Ken Maynard Lucky Larkin
1930 Tom Dugan Night Work
1930 Eddie Quillan Night Work
1930 Kit Guard Night Work
1929 Irene Rich The Exalted Flapper
1929 Stuart Erwin The Exalted Flapper
1929 Arthur Lubin Eyes of the Underworld
1929 Monte Montague Eyes of the Underworld
1929 Bela Lugosi Prisoners
1929 Alan Hale Sailors' Holiday
1929 Sally Eilers Sailors' Holiday
1929 Jack Richardson Sailors' Holiday
1929 Rosemary Theby Trial Marriage
1929 Thelma Todd Trial Marriage
1929 Sally Eilers Trial Marriage
1929 Norman Kerry Trial Marriage
1929 Monte Montague Wolves of the City
1928 Roscoe Karns Jazz Mad
1928 Jean Hersholt Jazz Mad
1928 Claire Windsor Nameless Men
1928 Antonio Moreno Nameless Men
1928 Stepin Fetchit Nameless Men
1928 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. The Power of the Press
1928 Jobyna Ralston The Power of the Press
1928 Harrison Ford Woman Against the World
1928 Rosemary Theby Woman Against the World
1927 Tom Santschi Land of the Lawless
1927 Mary Brian Man Power
1927 Richard Dix Man Power
1927 George Irving Man Power
1927 Johnny Walker Pretty Clothes
1927 Jobyna Ralston Pretty Clothes
1927 Carl Stockdale See You in Jail
1927 Mack Swain See You in Jail
1927 Jack Mulhall See You in Jail
1927 Jack Mulhall Smile, Brother, Smile
1927 Dorothy Mackaill Smile, Brother, Smile
1926 Ned Sparks The Auction Block
1926 Charles Ray The Auction Block
1926 Sally O'Neil The Auction Block
1926 Eleanor Boardman The Auction Block
1926 Marion Davies Beverly of Graustark
1926 Antonio Moreno Beverly of Graustark
1926 Creighton Hale Beverly of Graustark
1926 Louise Dresser The Blind Goddess
1926 Esther Ralston The Blind Goddess
1926 Jack Holt The Blind Goddess
1926 Ernest Torrence The Blind Goddess
1926 Richard Talmadge The Blue Streak
1926 Milburn Morante Modern Youth
1926 Rod La Rocque Red Dice
1926 Gustav von Seyffertitz Red Dice
1926 Ben Hall Satan Town
1926 Harry Carey Satan Town
1926 Charles Sellon Whispering Wires
1926 Mack Swain Whispering Wires
1925 Gloria Swanson Coast of Folly
1925 Dorothy Revier An Enemy of Men
1925 Rod La Rocque Golden Bed
1925 Henry B. Walthall Golden Bed
1925 Warner Baxter Golden Bed
1925 Richard Talmadge Jimmie's Millions
1925 Edmund Lowe The Kiss Barrier
1925 Jack Mulhall Three Keys
1925 Elliott Dexter Verdict
1925 Josef Swickard Verdict
1924 Patsy Ruth Miller Breath of a Scandal
1924 Phyllis Haver Breath of a Scandal
1924 Jack Mulhall Breath of a Scandal
1924 Betty Blythe Breath of a Scandal
1924 Myrtle Stedman Breath of a Scandal
1924 Norma Shearer Empty Hands
1924 Jack Holt Empty Hands
1924 Richard Thorpe Flames of Desire
1924 Wyndham Standing Flames of Desire
1924 Richard Talmadge In Fast Company
1924 Richard Talmadge On Time
1924 Billie Dove On Time
1924 George Siegmann On Time
1924 Ruth Clifford Whispered Name
1924 Carl Stockdale Whispered Name
1923 Hobart Bosworth In the Palace of the King
1923 Lucien Littlefield In the Palace of the King
1923 Edmund Lowe In the Palace of the King
1923 Blanche Sweet In the Palace of the King
1923 Pat O'Malley Last Hour
1923 Milton Sills Last Hour
1923 Irene Rich Michael O'Halloran
1923 Carl Stockdale Money, Money, Money
1923 Wanda Hawley Nobody's Money
1923 Jack Holt Nobody's Money
1923 Ralph Graves Prodigal Daughters
1923 Louise Dresser Prodigal Daughters
1923 Gloria Swanson Prodigal Daughters
1923 Theodore Roberts Prodigal Daughters
1923 Myrtle Stedman Six Days
1923 J. Warren Kerrigan Thundering Dawn
1923 Anna May Wong Thundering Dawn
1923 Tom Santschi Thundering Dawn
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson Thundering Dawn
1922 John Ince The Hole in the Wall
1922 Claire Windsor Rich Men's Wives
1922 Myrtle Stedman Rich Men's Wives
1922 Rosemary Theby Rich Men's Wives
1922 Shirley Mason Very Truly Yours
1921 George Siegmann A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court
1921 Harry Myers A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court
1921 Rosemary Theby A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur's Court
1921 Lewis Stone Don't Neglect Your Wife
1921 Josef Swickard Opened Shutters
1921 Hobart Bosworth The Sea Lion
1921 Bessie Love The Sea Lion
1920 Kathlyn Williams A Girl Named Mary
1920 Helen Jerome Eddy A Light Woman
1920 Lionel Barrymore The Penalty
1920 Lon Chaney The Penalty
1919 Theda Bara Madame Du Barry
1919 Emil Jannings Madame Du Barry
1919 Pola Negri Madame Du Barry
1919 Willard Louis Madame Du Barry
1919 Leatrice Joy The Man Hunter
1919 William Farnum The Man Hunter
1917 William Farnum The Conqueror
1917 Milton Sills The Honor System
1917 Miriam Cooper The Honor System
1917 Miriam Cooper The Innocent Sinner
1917 Theda Bara Rose of Blood
1917 Florence Vidor A Tale of Two Cities
1917 Josef Swickard A Tale of Two Cities
1917 Willard Louis A Tale of Two Cities
1917 William Farnum A Tale of Two Cities
1916 Ben Alexander Each Pearl a Tear
1916 Raymond Hatton Joan the Woman
1916 Hobart Bosworth Joan the Woman
1916 James Young Joan the Woman
1916 Tully Marshall Joan the Woman
1916 Lucien Littlefield Joan the Woman
1916 Ramon Novarro Joan the Woman
1916 Theodore Roberts Joan the Woman
1916 Wallace Reid Joan the Woman
1916 Billy Elmer Joan the Woman
1916 Donald Crisp Joan the Woman
1916 Anna Q. Nilsson The Scarlet Road
1916 Raymond Hatton Tennessee's Pardner
1915 Kathlyn Williams The Carpet from Bagdad
1915 Guy Oliver The Carpet from Bagdad
1915 Seena Owen The Penitentes
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