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Chappie Synopsis
When one police droid, Chappie, is stolen and given new programming, he becomes the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself.
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Great Movie - With one small exception

By jacrist
I think the movie was great, it brought to the table a little of each movie type, SciFi, Action, Drama, and political analysis of AI. The one scene the movie could have done without is the however so...

blah yuck

By greggouw
wish I could unsee it...


By ckgiacobbe
I did not review this, please to not take into account my review...

An unexpected killa

By aaliyahlover2309
The movie was an unexpected success from the first minute! Plus it gave more exposure to the African hip-hop scene and was overall great!...

Really emjoyable. Emotional and action packed. Just don't over think it.

By heybuddywages

I really wanted to like this.....

By gopher911
First off.. the movie started off sort of like Short Circuit, Indian guy with a crew of really stupid, but somewhat compassionate British "gangsters" where the acting was so bad, you really could...


By corrisue
Where do I begin? Terrible acting, storylines sporadic and insane, excessive gang violence, abuse of a robot with a 10 year old mentality... I could literally go on and on. I am a huge fan of Hugh...

Chappie was great! But haters gonna hate.

By murphy69
Look I know many are going to diss this movie because of Die Antwoord but go see it for yourself. Keep and open mind. It was funny, sad at times and really entertaining. You go from disliking...


By naila210021
This was such a waste of time! The story was so ridiculous and acting was poor....

Not what I expected

By scoobydoo199510
This movie was so great! I never thought it would be such a good movie, let alone tug on my heart strings!...

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Rated R | For Language, Brief Nudity and Violence
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Common Sense Media says Underwhelming robot sci-fi thriller is really violent.
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