Chaos Theory

By lilysillycat
Written March 16, 2008
Ryan Reynolds stretches his acting chops to show a serious side in this romantic comedy that does what few do: ages a pretty boy movie star quite well. Reynolds plays an efficiency expert that learns that life is actually totally unpredictable. His wife, played by Emily Whatshername, is a bit unsympathetic and *****y until the final few scenes, but the little girl who plays his daughter is as cute as a bug in a rug throughout. If you are a Ryan Reynolds fan, you may be suprised to see him playing a bride's father convincingly in this "flash-back" style movie. You may also be unhappy with the leading lady, who does not have chemistry with Reynolds on screen. Frat boy raw humor fans will be disappointed- this movie has a Lifetime-style message. More of a dramedy than a comedy. 2 1/2 stars if you like chick flicks. 11/2 stars if you are a man's man (there is actually a bar fight scene!)
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Good Movie

By JGreen892
Written March 19, 2008
This movie was portrayed as a dark comedy; it was more of a romantic comedy, but really didn't fit the traits of either. I liked this movie, because Ryan Reynolds can carry a film. Parts were irritatingly disturbing; parts were disturbingly hilarious; the movie worked as a whole, simply because they tied all the ends together, and left it with a satisfactory ending. The previews almost did the movie justice, although like I said, I saw it as more of a dark comedy, and did not foresee a happy ending.
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Chaos Theory ... goood or not

By blak_chola
Written March 29, 2008
well in my opinion i expected the movie to be a lot funnier but all in all it suprised me with its little comedy romance and sadness. I like how the beginning was the end and it was understandable i recommend this movie for all with a good sense of humor and a kind hearted mind. kinda corny i know but you still should watch it .
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Chaos Theory

By jerzeygrl
Written April 16, 2008
This movie was better that I expected. Ryan Reynolds exhibits all of his talents in this movie. His quick wit humor is displayed as usual. But also his capability of show dramatic emotion comes out as well. Would have loved to seen a little more of Stuart Townsend's character and the background of the friendship with Ryan Reynold's. The story was dramatic and funny at the same time. This movie should have received a bigger release than it did. Definately go see!!!
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Chaos Theory

By JCH_review
Written March 23, 2008
Good solid story of real lfe with just the rght mix of humor.
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