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Incredibly romantic.

By JoanneNYCblues
Written January 14, 2009
Yep, it was hot. A man, who has nothing going for him but his career, comes to life when he sees a certain character n the TV. She suddenly appears in his living room and they immediately connect and fall in love. She decides no to question their existence, but he does. That's when things start to go awry. The story is told by a talented writer/director by the name of Nat Christian. Christian sews together the very funny scenes with emotionally charged ones into a beautiful movie. The cinematographer, VFX artist and production designer - Michael Hardwick, Duane Condor and Dolores Piazza, respectively do a very fine job in helping with the overall look. Acting is superb with Kim Oja in the lead role. She brings much appeal, comedy and emotion to her role. Christian plays the lead role with a complete and subtle conviction. Ed Asner, Joan Van Ark, Taylor Negron and John Kassir are all perfect. Rossano Galante creates a great score.
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Really very nice

By JuniorJ
Written January 15, 2009
The feeling that I got from watching this movie are sort of still with me. They are kind of haunting, in a thoughtful philosophical way. The film has many comedic moments and romantic moments. But also it made me more aware about what we do with our time and what kind of thought patterns we follow. The director, Nat Christian, did a really good job at telling this story, which he also wrote, and making me feel. A "natural" actor in it, Christian is someone I cared about. Kim Oja plays is co-star and she too is believable and we really care about her. All of the actors - Ead Asner, John Kassir, Joan Van Ark, Taylor Negron delivered a very fine ensemble performance. The film score fits in perfectly with the feel of this movie. The production design and cinematography delivered the storytellers very romantic look. Some fine visual effects are in this also. I'll keep a look out for this team.
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Story, direction and acting add up to a very interesting movie

By MotionSickness
Written April 10, 2009
An honest and truthful performance by Nat Christian kept me watching him, trying to figure out what was going on inside of him. He is interesting to watch. Kim Oja delivers a vulnerable and sweet characterization. Sharp direction on an interesting concept. Music was great too.
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