By 6474
Written November 01, 2008
If you are at all affected by graphic scenes of brutal murder and torture, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT SEEING CHANGELING. I AM WARNING YOU. I love powerful dramas, even with a little violence, but THIS MOVIE IS HORRIFYING. My family and I walked out after the first hour....We couldn't take it anymore. I was closing my eyes half of the time and was still scared out of my mind. I suppose Angelina Jolie's acting wasn't bad, but THIS MOVIE IS NOT ONLY ABOUT HER STRUGGLE. Changeling describes IN DETAIL USING GRAPHIC FLASH BACKS,the murders of TWENTY CHILDREN and THEIR horrific struggle to stay alive. I WILLL REPEAT MYSELF. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE WITH CHILDREN UNDER 14, or IF YOU ARE AFFECTED IN ANY WAY BY GRAPHIC SCENES OF CHILD MURDER!!!!
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Great Movie.

Written November 01, 2008
Didn't really end the way I wanted, but you can't change a true story. Heads up ; it's pretty long. But it is really good. Had me crying and junk every now and then. A must see. You will be like damn the whole movie.
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A great movie that kept me glued to my seat for all 2 hours plus and I'd have sat for another 2

By Dark_Chameleon
Written October 31, 2008
This is a great movie, I could stop there and you'd get the idea but this reallyis a great movie for all its parts, the actors dropped you straight into the story line, Jolie was not her sexy sultry self because the character would have suffered if she had been, the direction was oscar worthy as well as mrs pitts. I'd go again and buy the DVD when it eventually comes out without hesitation, the smaller part actors were picked with perfection to never take your mind away from the storyline, at no time did I feel that even one actor reminded me this was a period piece. Some have said being 2 plus hours long made this suffer or the story could have been told in half that time but if your going to the movies to watch a story then this is the story to watch, its not just taking you from the start to the end in as short a time as it wold take to get you there but telling a full story where in the end you feel you have been presented the best detailed description possible A grade
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Beautiful, Beautiful Film

By pac8864
Written October 30, 2008
I think it's apparent that this film is going to do extremely well and that there is big talk of Oscar nods, so i only have a statement in regards to the reviewers claiming that the movie was "too long." Going into the movie, and knowing it was going to be near 2 and a half hours long, I made sure to pay attention to audience reactions and involvement throughout. I must say that throughout the whole 2 1/2 hours, the audience was so involved and so captivated by each moment that there were groans, moans, laughter, gasps, and most importantly REACTION. What movie can you nowadays walk into and hear passionate reactions as a whole from an audience? (other than an obvious comedy). I think Eastwood has succeeded with this film; to be able to evoke such emotion and reaction from an audience is truly admirable.
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good, a must see

By meladawy
Written November 16, 2008
the story line very well handled. extremely good.
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