Not a kind of Shahid movie!

By kirtimandal
Written January 18, 2010
I personally would not recommend this movie. There is a good theme but very weak story. It is suppose to be dance based movie but with a very very weak choreography. Seems Shahid did not dance like Shahid. He looked just like a strong body with no moves. Its better to see those channels like DPL ki Rani and similar dance shows where actuially you can see a dance. Whole movie you keep waiting that something special will happen that will make this movie a special one. No feelings after you leave the hall. Neither happy, nor sad, probably wastage of time. Specially after seeing a breathtaking movie "3idiots".
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Timepass movie

By spahuja
Written January 19, 2010
Can go if you wanna just hangout on weekend.
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Five Word Review

By ckashyap
Written January 17, 2010
cute simple entertaining shahid flick
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