By Leslie Felperin
A chirpy, tween-skewing, snowboarding-themed romantic comedy, Chalet Girl slaloms exuberantly down a predictable path, kicking up regular flurries of fun along the way.
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The New York Times

By Rachel Saltz
Chalet Girl may not be particularly creative or genre busting or even a great example of a romantic comedy. But its premise might make you smile.
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Los Angeles Times

Cinderella stories don't come much more predictable than the happy-ending machine that is Chalet Girl. But the picturesque scenery, light touch of the cast - which includes Bill Nighy as Kim's dryly observant boss - and breezy zip of director Phil Traill's pacing appealingly pair with Jones' irrepressible charm.
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Village Voice

By Nick Schager
Chalet Girl is just a compendium of genre clichés - minus the usual racism and t&a.
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Time Out New York

By David Fear
Jones may be a charismatic comedian, but no amount of her skilled mugging, Britpop tunes or help from supporting stars (Brooke Shields, Bill Nighy) can transform this derivative ugly duckling into a comic Anglophile swan.
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