Awesome Kills.

By KillerKacey
Written October 03, 2010
Never a dull moment.
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Makes you think twice about looking at a text message on your phone...

By skyb788
Written October 02, 2010
This movie is at the edge of your seat goodness! It starts off with one kid (Niel) who recieves a message to play a game, whille, shocker, playing World of Warcraft. Because his sister enters his room while playing to send an email, she sees the message and helps add names to a list and her brother adds her name for spite. Of course both not knowing that it would ultimately end people's lives. During the movie you are trying to figure out who the guy is that is tapping into phone and computer systems. It explains that there is an anti-technology cult that uses technology to show people how much damage technology is causing. The basis of all the characters is high school and the one trusting thing almost all students have...a cellphone. The ones who delete the chain, die in 24 hours. The ones who send it on to five friends, survive, for now. My disappointment was the ending when the main character was split in half and they never really showed who the killer was. It was left hanging.
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Chain Letter

By brettlovesthemovies
Written October 03, 2010
if you are in the mood for a low budget scare, this wasn't too bad. I can imagine it will be out of theaters this week since there are gonna be about 8 horror movies out this month alone. the plot I felt defintely had some gaps in it. like plot points were edited out. but most people don't go to these kinds of films for a plot, just the gore. and there was quite enough in it for me. so if you don't get out there to see it, no harm waiting for dvd. and i never EVER want to be sent a chain letter over email!!!
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By mjauregui1970
Written September 03, 2011
What a crock, flush this chain letter down the toilet.
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By chambertlo
Written October 07, 2010
I really have no other words for this review. Do not waste your time or money. You will regret doing both. Everything about this movie was an insult to the craft. Go watch a truly outstanding movie like Let Me In, The Social Network, or (if you are really looking for a GOOD horror flick), try Case 39 instead. ANYTHING is better than this piece of crap.AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
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