Miss this film.

By Ethan
Written March 28, 2011
I know it is trendy to watch European films, but there is no reason to watch this bomb!! Firstly, it is partially subtitled and partly in English, secondly, this film is one hour and forty-six minutes of watching what you discover is a married couple disageeing and complaining about their marraige and what each expects their spouse. If you find my review confusing--the movie is even more confusing and boring. The entire theater got up at the end of this film and couldn't believe they sat through it!! Stay home and watch re-runs on TV!!
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If only something actually happened.....!

Written June 01, 2016
The performances in this film are wonderful but the screenplay is extraordinarily SLOW!!!!!!!! I had all I could do to keep from falling asleep. It is also very WORDY. I felt like screaming, "Will you please shut up and DO SOMETHING!" If you suffer from insomnia, you might like this movie. I thought it was a waste of talent for two great performers.
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Miss This Movie

By jalbert222
Written April 07, 2011
Truly one of the most boring movies ever made. Not 'slow', as 'slow' would imply motion. This never gets started. And with two characters you could care less about.
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Certified Copy

By Suricey
Written May 09, 2011
I disliked this film. The plot was obscure, the dialog boring, the characters were unlikeable, the cinematography was badly done and the direction was poorly executed. Average movie goer score (in the theater I was in) - 22 out of 100. This film might interest those who are fluent in Italian and French; otherwise save your money,
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don't go sleepy

By liljo15
Written April 02, 2011
I went with 2 friends, & all 3 of us had little cat naps through out this film, as did the man next to me. Lovely performances, lovely sets & settings, but the story is too slow, and frankly sort of pointless.
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