Celine: Through the Eyes of the World Synopsis
Singer Celine Dion performs her greatest hits during a 2008-2009 world tour.
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USA Today

Yet it would be wrong, or at least simplistic, to dismiss Celine as a globe-spanning ego trip. Directed by Stephane Laporte, the movie...
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Boxoffice Magazine

By Sara Schieron
In short, if you like her, you’ll likely love her after the film, which I suspect is timed to usher in a return world tour.
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The Globe and Mail (Toronto)

It’s probably accurate in its portrayal of her general good humour. Detractors would be surprised at how genuinely funny she can be.
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Los Angeles Times

Some concert movies make you feel like you have the best seat in the house; this one plants you squarely in front of the Jumbotron.
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Personally as a fan I feel this movie really damaged her image

By Creative Director
So annoying! I get it! She went to hundreds of countries but PLEASE can the camera sit still in one of them? The movie clip is exactly how most of the movie is edited and it gets to be very annoying...

Five Word Review

By barbimom
awesome entertaining wordly backstage colorful...

This Is It, it was not ...

By Umbilicus
I had seen the actual concert live, and was hoping to see more of it in this show. Unfortunately, for those who were unable to see the concert, seeing this movie won't show them much of it. There...


By celinedion_5
Celine Dion out did herself in this movie!!! This was great for devoted fans to see what really happens throughout a world tour. I am so glad that she decided to share her unforgettable moments with...

Celine Dion movie review

By Cheer2327
I felt as if it were a private concert for us! It seemed as if she was speaking to us! It is what any Celine fan would want to see! Thank u Celine for always thinking about your fans and letting us...

Five Word Review

By 1bigmovielover
Awesome Heartfelt Dynamic Sincere Fun...

Not exactly what I expected but it was good.

By bushbeatgore
Don't go looking for a Celine concert. While there is some footage of songs from the Taking Chances Tour, it's more of behind the scenes footage and life on the road with her family. I wasn't sure...

Can't Wait!

By sign543
Cheyenne-Angel's comment on your son's hair is beyond ridiculous. If "God" was so interested in the length of the child's hair, he would have caused it to stop growing on it's own. I suspect that...


By kazook2010
Must see for a celine fan....

M o v i e s 2 7 . n e t is the place to watch this free

By BarryBlack
M o v i e s 2 7 . n e t is the place to watch this free...

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