By godstevies
Written August 27, 2012
Rashida Jones is such a doll. Andy Samberg is the coolest. Together they are sweet.
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Celeste and Jesse Forever

By lgriese
Written September 03, 2012
Rashida Jones is my new favorite actress after this movie. She and Andy Samberg did a great job with their characters - good chemistry between them, and both very likable. I wasn't crazy about the ending, but it didn't matter much, because the characters were so much fun. Thoroughly enjoyable, and I hope they both do many more movies!
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Go if you've ever had to break up with someone you've loved---plus it's incredibly clever and funny.

By Moviechic21
Written August 19, 2012
Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg are incredible and believable in this heartbreaking story about a couple who deeply love each other but decide to part. Andy Samberg gives one of the best performances of a heartbroken boyfriend I've ever seen. Rashida Jones tells the story in a way that adds enough reality and comedy to make it light and heavy at the same time. This movie will stay with me for a long time. Go if you've ever had to break up with someone you loved.
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Breaks the mold

By emclaugh
Written September 04, 2012
This movie breaks the mold of the typical ROM-COM. Very well written and a definite must see if you're looking for a funny and entertaining movie to see with you significant other or friends.
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By Peneflix
Written August 23, 2012
This is a classic scenario of "having your cake and eating it too"; "Celeste" and "Jesse" have loved, been in love, their entire lives; they interpret each others thoughts, mimic foreign accents with perfect pitch; are the closest of comrades, play blissfully together; separated after six years of marriage. A troubling enigma is we never know why... Celeste (Rashida Jones, co-writer) is bright, controlling, a thriving "trend forecaster"; Jesse (Andy Samberg) aimless, loveable, manipulated, withering in Celeste's successful shadow, minimally productive, dwelling in Celeste’s guest house... THREE STARS!!! ***For full review please visit peneflix (dot) com!!!
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