Can't we all just get along?

By pedsarq
Written August 05, 2012
A married couple decide to get a divorce and suddenly stop fighting and start hanging out with each other like best friends. They have known each other forever and the thought of losing each other isn't really something they have factored in. Their friends are thoroughly confused and say things that motivate them to start seeing other people and deal with the divorce. This gets complicated for them and they go through something like the 9 stages of grief. I really enjoyed this movie and thought there were many, many extremely funny moments. It's not a light comedy by any means, but it will keep you laughing the entire way.
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Sooooo Slow

By suemarie
Written September 04, 2012
An achingly slow movie about a couple that are not very likeable. They spend months together, apart, together, etc. Not funny, not interesting, and not witty. I always liked Andy S. but he is just boring and so is Rashida. I almost left the theater.
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A Movie for Overgrown Children

By tombyrom
Written August 19, 2012
This is, in a word, awful. The plot was ridiculous, featuring two people who were supposedly hopelessly in love, acting like giddy 13 year olds (e.g. mutual masterbation of a tube of ointment - a memorable scene) but divorcing anyway because the female wants someone more mature - presumably like her. The two leads are characters one cannot possibly care about. The movie glorifies a lifestyle of non-stop parties featuring drinking and drug use. If this movie has deep meaning, we missed it.
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Celeste and Jesse Forever

By galenmcooper
Written August 13, 2012
Excellent....great, well written script and extremely well acted......moving, Andy showed a serious side that was believable and Rashid was her wonderful self!!!!! Great messages throughout......a classic
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Ain't no Rom Com

By zachlinder
Written August 05, 2012
Don't go into this movie expecting your typical romantic comedy. It is one of the saddest films I've seen in years, and I never saw the mid-point twist coming. The characters are funny, but the movie isn't. A heartbreaking movie with superb performances and well-drawn characters. The genre needs more like this.
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