Cecil B. DeMille
Date of Birth
Aug 12, 1881
Birth Place:
Ashfield, MA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1957 Michael Ross The Buster Keaton Story
1957 Donald O'Connor The Buster Keaton Story
1957 Dick Ryan The Buster Keaton Story
1957 Peter Lorre The Buster Keaton Story
1957 Dave Willock The Buster Keaton Story
1957 Ann Blyth The Buster Keaton Story
1957 Richard Anderson The Buster Keaton Story
1957 Jackie Coogan The Buster Keaton Story
1957 Larry Keating The Buster Keaton Story
1957 Rhonda Fleming The Buster Keaton Story
1956 Frank de Kova The Ten Commandments
1956 Yvonne De Carlo The Ten Commandments
1956 Edward Earle The Ten Commandments
1956 Douglas Dumbrille The Ten Commandments
1956 Kenneth MacDonald The Ten Commandments
1956 Frank Lackteen The Ten Commandments
1956 Frankie Darro The Ten Commandments
1956 Peter Mamakos The Ten Commandments
1956 Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer The Ten Commandments
1956 Michael Ansara The Ten Commandments
1956 Anne Baxter The Ten Commandments
1956 Judith Anderson The Ten Commandments
1956 Henry Brandon The Ten Commandments
1956 Franklin Farnum The Ten Commandments
1956 John Carradine The Ten Commandments
1956 Yul Brynner The Ten Commandments
1956 Charlton Heston The Ten Commandments
1956 John Hart The Ten Commandments
1956 Clint Walker The Ten Commandments
1956 Robert Vaughn The Ten Commandments
1956 Stanley Price The Ten Commandments
1956 Michael Connors The Ten Commandments
1956 Cedric Hardwicke The Ten Commandments
1956 Lawrence Dobkin The Ten Commandments
1956 Vincent Price The Ten Commandments
1956 Debra Paget The Ten Commandments
1956 Nina Foch The Ten Commandments
1956 Henry Wilcoxon The Ten Commandments
1956 Martha Scott The Ten Commandments
1956 H.B. Warner The Ten Commandments
1956 Woody Strode The Ten Commandments
1956 Edward G. Robinson The Ten Commandments
1952 Roy Rogers Son of Paleface
1952 Jane Russell Son of Paleface
1952 Lloyd Corrigan Son of Paleface
1952 Iron Eyes Cody Son of Paleface
1952 Douglas Dumbrille Son of Paleface
1952 Bob Hope Son of Paleface
1950 John Miller Sunset Boulevard
1950 Creighton Hale Sunset Boulevard
1950 William Holden Sunset Boulevard
1950 Bert Moorhouse Sunset Boulevard
1950 Franklin Farnum Sunset Boulevard
1950 Ruth Clifford Sunset Boulevard
1950 Fred Clark Sunset Boulevard
1950 Howard Negley Sunset Boulevard
1950 Gloria Swanson Sunset Boulevard
1950 Jack Webb Sunset Boulevard
1950 Frank O'Connor Sunset Boulevard
1950 Archie Twitchell Sunset Boulevard
1950 Erich Von Stroheim Sunset Boulevard
1950 Nancy Olson Sunset Boulevard
1950 Ottola Nesmith Sunset Boulevard
1947 DeForest Kelley Variety Girl
1947 Cecil Kellaway Variety Girl
1947 Gail Russell Variety Girl
1947 Lorin Raker Variety Girl
1947 Wanda Hendrix Variety Girl
1947 Paulette Goddard Variety Girl
1947 Sterling Hayden Variety Girl
1947 Mona Freeman Variety Girl
1947 Barry Fitzgerald Variety Girl
1947 Lizabeth Scott Variety Girl
1947 George Reeves Variety Girl
1947 Glenn Tryon Variety Girl
1947 Crane Whitley Variety Girl
1947 Ray Milland Variety Girl
1947 Richard Webb Variety Girl
1947 Burt Lancaster Variety Girl
1947 Barbara Stanwyck Variety Girl
1947 Sonny Tufts Variety Girl
1947 Mitchell Leisen Variety Girl
1947 Howard Da Silva Variety Girl
1947 Bing Crosby Variety Girl
1947 Gary Cooper Variety Girl
1947 Stanley Clements Variety Girl
1947 Ann Doran Variety Girl
1947 Frank Faylen Variety Girl
1947 Edgar Dearing Variety Girl
1947 William Demarest Variety Girl
1947 Billy De Wolfe Variety Girl
1947 Pearl Bailey Variety Girl
1947 Veronica Lake Variety Girl
1947 Alan Ladd Variety Girl
1947 Diana Lynn Variety Girl
1947 Dorothy Lamour Variety Girl
1947 Patric Knowles Variety Girl
1947 William Bendix Variety Girl
1947 Patricia Barry Variety Girl
1947 Joan Caulfield Variety Girl
1947 MacDonald Carey Variety Girl
1942 Robert Kent The Forest Rangers
1942 Karin [Katharine] Booth The Forest Rangers
1942 Rod Cameron The Forest Rangers
1942 Lynne Overman The Forest Rangers
1942 Monte Blue The Forest Rangers
1942 Eugene Pallette The Forest Rangers
1942 Paulette Goddard The Forest Rangers
1942 Howard Mitchell The Forest Rangers
1942 Jack Mulhall The Forest Rangers
1942 Perc Launders The Forest Rangers
1942 Fred MacMurray The Forest Rangers
1942 Kenneth Griffith The Forest Rangers
1942 Susan Hayward The Forest Rangers
1942 William Bendix The Forest Rangers
1942 Ethan Laidlaw The Forest Rangers
1942 Arthur Treacher The Forest Rangers
1942 Regis Toomey The Forest Rangers
1942 Albert Dekker The Forest Rangers
1942 Pat West The Forest Rangers
1942 Edgar Dearing Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Mary Martin Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Bing Crosby Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Eddie Marr Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Albert Dekker Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Alan Ladd Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Frank Faylen Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Victor Moore Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Ellen Drew Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Karin [Katharine] Booth Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Eddie Bracken Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Jerry Colonna Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 William Bendix Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Eddie "Rochester" Anderson Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Dona Drake Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Fred MacMurray Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Walter Catlett Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 MacDonald Carey Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Rod Cameron Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Veronica Lake Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Marjorie Reynolds Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Anne Revere Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Ernest Truex Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Tom Dugan Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Lynne Overman Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Robert Preston Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Arthur Treacher Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Preston Sturges Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Ray Milland Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Ralph Murphy Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Franchot Tone Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Woody Strode Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Dick Powell Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Cecil Kellaway Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Richard Loo Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Dorothy Lamour Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Susan Hayward Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Gil Lamb Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Diana Lynn Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Jimmy Lydon Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Dorothy Granger Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Betty Hutton Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Bob Hope Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Sterling Holloway Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Paulette Goddard Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Frances Gifford Star Spangled Rhythm
1942 Eva Gabor Star Spangled Rhythm
1937 Dorothy Lamour The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Bess Flowers The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Charles B. Middleton The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Alan Ladd The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Stanley Price The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Anthony Quinn The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Harry Semels The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Gilbert Roland The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Lionel Atwill The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Lew Ayres The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Stanley Fields The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Robert Cummings The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Evelyn Brent The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Helen Mack The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Lee Bowman The Last Train from Madrid
1937 Henry Brandon The Last Train from Madrid
1923 Owen Moore Hollywood
1923 Thomas Meighan Hollywood
1923 May McAvoy Hollywood
1923 Alan Hale Hollywood
1923 Bess Flowers Hollywood
1923 Lila Lee Hollywood
1923 Viola Dana Hollywood
1923 Betty Compson Hollywood
1923 Ricardo Cortez Hollywood
1923 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle Hollywood
1923 Mary Astor Hollywood
1923 Noah Beery, Sr. Hollywood
1923 Jack Pickford Hollywood
1923 Mary Pickford Hollywood
1923 ZaSu Pitts Hollywood
1923 Gloria Swanson Hollywood
1923 Lois Wilson Hollywood
1923 Ford Sterling Hollywood
1923 J. Warren Kerrigan Hollywood
1923 Leatrice Joy Hollywood
1923 Jack Holt Hollywood
1923 Pola Negri Hollywood
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson Hollywood
1923 Bryant Washburn Hollywood
1922 Theodore Roberts Trip To Paramountown
1922 Wallace Reid Trip To Paramountown
1922 Jack Holt Trip To Paramountown
1922 Leatrice Joy Trip To Paramountown
1922 Milton Sills Trip To Paramountown
1922 William C. DeMille Trip To Paramountown
1922 Tom Moore Trip To Paramountown
1922 Rudolph Valentino Trip To Paramountown
1922 Gloria Swanson Trip To Paramountown
1922 Marion Davies Trip To Paramountown
1922 Alice Brady Trip To Paramountown
1922 Betty Compson Trip To Paramountown
1922 Bebe Daniels Trip To Paramountown
1922 May McAvoy Trip To Paramountown
1922 Lila Lee Trip To Paramountown
1922 Wanda Hawley Trip To Paramountown
1922 Thomas Meighan Trip To Paramountown
1922 Conrad Nagel Trip To Paramountown
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