Stana Katic is amazing!

By pburgess
Written October 18, 2013
I went to this movie solely because Stana Katic has a role in it. It was hard to find the movie, had to see it while travelling for work in California. I had read negative reviews so was prepared for the worst. I actually enjoyed the entire movie, not just the Stana parts (although I do wish her role would have been bigger). I found it to be an entertaining look at that era and the challenges all of the characters went through. I really didn't mind the lipsynching because I think hearing the music of the original artists helped connect you to the history that was made there. I'm listing it as a "must go" because we need more films with Stana Katic and it was a very entertaining film overall! Really enjoyed Alan Rickman and Ashley Greene, too.
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Its About Art Being More Important Than Money - Not the Punk Movement

By Proactive100
Written October 12, 2013
Many of the reviewers have complained because it didn't reflect the punk movement the way they felt it should. Save that criticism for Sid and Nancy or some of the numerous other lousy movies about the punk era. In fact, if you want an accurate reflection, just watch one of the many documentaries that have real footage of all the sensationalist punker stunts that the mainstream media loved to cover (stage diving, mosh pits, masochistic and lewd acts). This movie is about a middle-aged Jewish club owner who thought art and originality were more important than money. He also thought it was important to listen to the younger generation. If it wasn't cool enough for you millenials and gen-xers whining about not enough grittiness, then you should at least encourage your parents to see it if you want them to understand you. And maybe you need to think about what the movie is really about instead of what you thought it was about. The performances and music were outstanding.
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Great music

By yhameed
Written October 18, 2013
I'm not a fan of punk, but the music was great, especially in surround sound. Acting great, untold story of Hilly nice to see. Telling all my friends to go. I saw Gravity last weekend and even though entertaining, the moviegoers last night really got involved in the CBGB story. Lot of laughing out loud. Seemed to be a better time for fans at CBGB than Gravity. Like going to a private concert.
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CBGB Was A Wonderful Movie

By alan976
Written October 28, 2013
CBGB was a wonderful movie reflecting the passion of Hilly Kristal. Hilly would do anything to help a musician and was truly a legend in his own time. No wonder the New York Times put his obituary of page one.
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By fun59
Written October 16, 2013
2 1/2 stars. Points for recreating the atmosphere of late 1970's NYC. Unfortunately not enough story line to make it a really great movie. Anyone who fondly remembers the club and the city during the late 70's will enjoy it. A trip down Punk memory lane.
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