cats & dogs: revenge of kitty galore 3d/animal lover

By samhank
Written August 03, 2010
funny, very intertaining and i enjoyed it very much
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Cats & Dogs 2

By Sa5rah
Written November 30, 2011
In my opinion, this movie was a pretty good movie, but I think the first Cats & Dogs was a little bit better. This movie can entertain a larger audience than some movies. This movie can be enjoyed from young children to adults.
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Great Kids Movie!

By swnola
Written August 14, 2010
The movie was cute we saw the first one a few days ago for the kids that hadn't seen the original, they loved seeing all the older characters from the first movie. The movie was fast paced and perfect length for the the kids. I would recommend this light hearted funny movie to all families. We hope there's a 3rd movie!
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Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore 3D

By Sharon Dickey
Written August 05, 2010
NOTHING not to like. In these type movies there is always the villian and the good guys. EVERYTHING/EVERYONE did EXCELLENT. Characters looked great and actors portrayed them so well. Certainly more for kids, but we adults thought it so well done too!!!
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Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore

By danie3399
Written August 26, 2010
I liked this movie but not for younger children. It had some goofy humor and cool gadgets. The special effects were great. I thought there were some frightening parts if you have youngers kids (under 6 or 7). The act of Kitty Galore unzipping and coming out of the cat suit was one part. Without giving away the ending, the really scary part resembles a scene from The Terminator. I would not agree with the critics saying this movie is ok for ages 5+.
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