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Not worth it in 3D

By 30sumthing_mom
Written August 04, 2010
Took our two kids (7 and 9, girl/boy) to see this tonight in 3D. Cost us $50. COMPLETELY not worth it. Most of the movie wasn't even in 3-D aside from the title screens and some small stuff thrown in here and there. Also, the movie itself was just awful. At least when I was forced to sit through Marmaduke and G-Force, the kids were laughing at the potty humor. There was not a lot of humor in this movie, it was just a kiddied-down action movie. Yawn. This was my first 3-D experience and a lot of the 3-D previews were awesome, but I wish I had just saved my money for Megamind or something more worth it. This wasn't even worth the regular price. Don't waste your money, wait for Megamind or go see Despicable Me or Marmaduke instead.
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Cats and Dogs The revenge of Kitty Galore

By mrsdavidkopp
Written August 12, 2010
I took my Girl scout troop to see this movie on Aug 10,2010.We had so much fun watching this I can't wait until they come out with another one of these movies.The gilrs had a blast.Thank you.WENDY K
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Fun for the whole family

By kbonfiglio
Written August 16, 2010
This movie did not necessarily seem like one I would enjoy. Thus I was pleasantly surprised. There was a lot of adult humor and plays on other movies so I found myself enjoying the constant "inside jokes". The plot was easy enough to follow and my children thoroughly enjoyed it. They did find parts of is a bit scary though - but I think that's b/c they are 4 and 5 yrs old and easily frightened by hero-type plots. Overall I would recommend this movie for younger kids. Everyone in the audience seemed to like it.
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Time with kids A+

By jobart32
Written August 14, 2010
I think the best part of this movie was that it was the choice of my 7 year old! She enjoyed the movie a LOT - but it wasn't super amazing. It was definitely worth going at a discount time frame -- I don't know if I would have felt the same if I had paid full price. If you are looking for something to do that your child REALLY wants to see -- GO -- you and your child will enjoy it. If you're trying to pick a movie that BOTH you and your child will enjoy -- this is NOT it :-(
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cats and dogs

By naveedneema
Written August 13, 2010
very funnym and entertaining. excellent for kids
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