Catherine Stewart
Date of Birth
Apr 22, 1959
Birth Place:
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Barry Corbin Ghoul
2010 Fisher Stevens Rising Stars
2010 Barry Corbin Rising Stars
2009 Gregory Harrison Love N' Dancing
2009 Billy Zane Love N' Dancing
2009 Betty White Love N' Dancing
2007 John Savage The Attic
2007 William Atherton The Girl Next Door
1999 Rob Lowe Dead Silent
1999 Claudia Cardinale Dead Silent
1998 Chris Sarandon The Reaper
1995 Dennis Farina Out of Annie's Past
1993 Richard Chamberlain Ordeal in the Arctic
1993 Cleavon Little Perfect Harmony
1993 Moses Gunn Perfect Harmony
1993 Conchata Ferrell Samurai Cowboy
1993 Clive Revill The Sea Wolf
1993 Christopher Reeve The Sea Wolf
1993 Charles Bronson The Sea Wolf
1991 Joseph Campanella Cafe Romeo
1991 Michael Ironside Cafe Romeo
1991 Michael Nouri Psychic
1990 Frances Sternhagen Follow Your Heart
1990 Raphael Sbarge Riding the Edge
1990 Brooke Bundy Riding the Edge
1990 Raphael Sbarge Le Sang Des Otages
1990 Sean Penn State of Grace
1990 Burgess Meredith State of Grace
1990 John Turturro State of Grace
1990 Gary Oldman State of Grace
1990 John C. Reilly State of Grace
1990 Ed Harris State of Grace
1990 James Russo State of Grace
1989 Michael Sarrazin Passion and Paradise
1989 Rod Steiger Passion and Paradise
1989 Mariette Hartley Passion and Paradise
1989 Armand Assante Passion and Paradise
1989 Kevin McCarthy Passion and Paradise
1989 Johnny Sekka Passion and Paradise
1989 Andrew McCarthy Weekend at Bernie's
1989 Ted Kotcheff Weekend at Bernie's
1989 Jonathan Silverman Weekend at Bernie's
1988 Cameron Mitchell Rage to Kill
1988 John Phillip Law Rage to Kill
1988 Oliver Reed Rage to Kill
1988 Anthony James World Gone Wild
1988 Bruce Dern World Gone Wild
1988 Michael Paré World Gone Wild
1987 Laurence Fishburne Cherry 2000
1987 Brion James Cherry 2000
1987 Harry Carey, Jr. Cherry 2000
1987 Ben Johnson Cherry 2000
1987 Melanie Griffith Cherry 2000
1987 Ray Sharkey Dudes
1987 Jon Cryer Dudes
1987 Fred Gwynne Murder by the Book
1987 Robert Hays Murder by the Book
1987 Celeste Holm Murder by the Book
1987 Lisa Blount Nightflyers
1987 Alex Rocco Scenes from the Goldmine
1987 Lesley-Anne Down Scenes from the Goldmine
1987 Joe Pantoliano Scenes from the Goldmine
1986 Geoffrey Lewis The Annihilator
1986 Julie Harris The Annihilator
1986 Brion James The Annihilator
1986 Susan Blakely The Annihilator
1986 Lisa Blount The Annihilator
1985 George Grizzard Midas Valley
1985 Robert Stack Midas Valley
1985 Jean Simmons Midas Valley
1985 Terry O'Quinn Mischief
1985 Doug McKeon Mischief
1985 Kelly Preston Mischief
1985 Jami Gertz Mischief
1985 Graham Jarvis Mischief
1985 Capucine Sins
1985 Timothy Dalton Sins
1985 James Farentino Sins
1985 Giancarlo Giannini Sins
1985 Gene Kelly Sins
1985 Lauren Hutton Sins
1985 Marisa Berenson Sins
1985 Jean-Pierre Aumont Sins
1984 Dan O'Herlihy The Last Starfighter
1984 Robert Preston The Last Starfighter
1984 Mary Woronov Night of the Comet
1984 Geoffrey Lewis Night of the Comet
1984 Karl Malden Urge to Kill
1984 Paul Sorvino Urge to Kill
1984 William Devane Urge to Kill
1984 Holly Hunter Urge to Kill
1984 Shirley Knight Urge to Kill
1983 Arliss Howard A Killer in the Family
1983 Robert Mitchum A Killer in the Family
1983 Lance Kerwin A Killer in the Family
1983 James Spader A Killer in the Family
1983 Eric Stoltz A Killer in the Family
1981 Billy Dee Williams Nighthawks
1981 Dar Robinson Nighthawks
1981 Sylvester Stallone Nighthawks
1981 Rutger Hauer Nighthawks
1981 Edward Fox Nighthawks
1981 Nigel Davenport Nighthawks
1980 Miriam Margolyes The Apple
1980 Joss Ackland The Apple
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