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By catfishsucks
Written October 15, 2010
This movie is terrible. I would rather get kicked in my privates by a midget than watch this film again. The acting was fine; the marketing was great. Only one thing missing - an interesting story. This was the most boring film I have ever seen. Only 5 people in the theater - 5 too many as far as I am concerned. There is no twist. There is no turn. There is nothing. Idea for the writers and producers - how about a film about going to the grocery store next? It would be more suspenseful to watch someone decide which cereal brand to buy. Imagine Seinfeld without the comedy and for 2 hours. A movie about nothing. The only conversation piece for this movie is how could I have wasted time and money on such a film. This film does not even deserve that level of attention.
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Real or Hoax?

By RandytheMovieFan
Written September 17, 2010
Saw a sneak preview and came away from the theater really impressed with this movie. Then I found out that this supposedly true story may be a hoax. If so, then I feel cheated but also understand why that may still fit the basic message of the movie, so overall can say it is still worth a look. Saying anything else would spoil it for those who do go.
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Don't watch any of the trailers, they're ridiculously misleading.

By theredraylives
Written August 29, 2016
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By asuna974
Written October 11, 2010
Amateurish and difficult to get into in the beginning. Camera juggling and wierd shot angles were very distracting. However, the story became thought provoking and entertaining. Evoked a good conversation after the movie.
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Five Word Review

By bobvvg
Written October 04, 2010
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