Catch and Release

By dblake22
Written March 10, 2007
total chick-flick! i loved the setting of some of it...boulder, colorado. overall, though, it was just so-so.
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Great Cast, Great Movie

By brant_n_razonia
Written June 20, 2007
This movie was fantastic. I think my husband and I both enjoyed it very much. Kevin Smith was great.
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By cutie101
Written March 14, 2007
Kinda of boring it put me to sleep
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Funny and lighthearted

By klgonzo
Written February 19, 2007
The overweight friend is classic! Jennifer Garner was cute as ever. I'm not sure I totally bought the love story, but I didn't care because it was entertaining. If you're insecure in your relationship, don't go see it with your significant other. Otherwise, just enjoy it.
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By squishy1403
Written February 27, 2007
NOT A CHICK FLICK!!! Decided to go for Valentine's Day cus my girlfriend said she wanted to see it thinking it was a romantic love story, but I walked out hating my life, feeling sorry for everyone in the movie, and wondering what the heck god was mad at. Great movie, just don't expect what I did.
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