Cast Party: Podcast Festival LIVE Synopsis
Fathom Events is partnering with BY Experience, MailChimp and to celebrate the biggest names in the podcast community when Cast Party: Podcast Festival is broadcast LIVE from NYC.

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Just Alright

By jarson77
The Podcasts that took part in Cast Party are some of my favorites. I can't say enough good things about them. But, the live show just fell flat for me. The entertainers felt like they just whipped...


By dane9
Cast party was a pretty great experience. Although, it was a lonely one. When I was in my theater watching the event, I got the sense that everyone around me wanted to connect but none of us knew...

Cast Pary Podcast Festival

By wallyworld514
Thoroughly enjoyable show. Seth Lind an entertaining host; and loved Cocoon Central Dance Team's performances....


By jazminecat
almost painful to watch at times. only radiolab was worth seeing. or hearing really....


By bpurvis
Poorly Produced, Some stories not new. Didn't feel special, felt like a podcasting binge except I was in a movie theater....

Loved It!

By chelseaacallahan
Laughed a whole lot and learned some stuff too....

Really enjoyable, tech glitches aside

By jonathan.m.goetz
I hope there are more Cast Parties in the future. Though, the out-of-sync audio was distracting for most of the broadcast....

Totally new art/entertainment form

By tommira
Glad to be part of it!...

Good first experience

By lbenig
I'm only a listener of Radiolab, Reply All, and Invisibilia. The band and dance team were definitely entertaining, and...

Funny, Educational, Awkward

By kerees5
There were hit or miss acts. Reply All, Invisibilia and Radiolab were absolutely amazing. The dance troupe... not so much....

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