Woody Allen again

By suemarie
Written January 19, 2008
If you are a fan of Woody Allen movies that are not comedies this is for you. It has a lot of smart dialogue, good acting, and suspense. I see all of his movies, no matter what the subject matter is because they are usually better than most. The theme of the movie is not only getting away with murder, but living with the fact of being a murderer. Could you live with that? Colin Farrell and Ewen McGregor are perfect as brothers facing that dilemma.
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Cassandra's Dream

By Lumpy Gravy
Written April 14, 2008
Very good drama that should have gotten a wide release and a few Oscar nominations too. Shamefully overlooked. Search it out and see it. If you like films you should like this one.
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By hcb
Written January 23, 2008
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By jajmbj
Written January 28, 2008
This movie was good but not great. Match Point was much better.
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Thoroughly pedestrian....

By wgenec
Written January 22, 2008
A great opportunity to see a group of fine actors sleepwalk their way through an uninspired story. Not exactly worth the cost of admission, but one could easily endure much worse, I suppose.
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