Casi Divas Synopsis
Four women vie for roles in a big budget movie while a diva tries to subvert their efforts.
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casi divas

By mejico
compelling, well acted meaningful social commentary of the macro and microcosmic lives of certain individuals in current Mexico....


By agimenez1978
A little treat from Mexico. So funny, so full of life, so enduring.. It speaks to the heart in a way I have never seen in recent movies. A must see. You will laugh, you will cry and you will be in...

good movie

By Nartua
funny ! and really touchy...

Lovely women, great performances in a very good movie

By digmoveez
This film is much better than I expected. It's very funny in a way that's true to the characters and the story. Dialogue and acting were nicely nuanced. The script was very believable and showed...

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Rated PG-13 | For mature sexual content, language and thematic material.