Five Word Review

By JD_Critic
Written October 10, 2010
Chilling Brilliant Scary Intelligent Creepy
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Case 39...Where's Case 40

By G-Money76
Written October 10, 2010
The concept was alright once you knew what it was but the movie took so long to get to the point and to show the 'scary' parts that I lost interest. By the time the good parts came around I was no longer interested in the movie
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husbands pick

By brwneyedmoviebabe
Written October 11, 2010
I wasn't too excited about going to see this movie that my husband picked out. But I will say that it wasn't bad. It keeps you jumping & makes you think during the movie. But I will say if you can wait for the dvd to come out I would.
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Went to see Zellweger and Cooper....

Written October 06, 2010 a horror movie and ended up liking it pretty well. Hadn't seen previews,so everything was a surprise. That made it pretty good for me. I like it better when there is some kind of logic behind the situation,as in Orphan,or when it is something that possibly could happen,as with Misery.Didn't find that here,but it still was scary. I did enjoy seeing Renee in a different role. She is pretty versatile. The little girl's performance really makes it good. .if you see it in theatre pay matinee price. Let Me In was worth full theater price IMHO.
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Five Word Review

By dogmovieman
Written October 05, 2010
Best horror movie this year
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