Great for thrill seekers!!!

By maikox77
Written October 11, 2010
Another good scary movie for the year!!!
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Case 39

By racuna13
Written October 11, 2010
Great movie, I'd see it again.
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This movie was surprisingly good!

By chambertlo
Written October 07, 2010
This movie is great, the acting was impressive and the storyline couldnt have been better. I don't know what some of you people expect from movies these days, but most of the reviews on this site are completely off base and unfounded. Try watching the movie you are reviewing before you post up your moronic statements.
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By dlj392000
Written October 10, 2010
Not a bad way to spend a hour or two, storyline could have been a little better.
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What happened with the trailer?

By OnceInAWhileInOK
Written October 10, 2010
What I saw in the movie trailer was not even actually IN the movie. I left the theater confused. It was a good movie, but worth waiting till it was a rental. The trailer looked awesome. The movie itself was nothing like what the trailer showed. I was a little disappointed, and so were the four other people that went with me. Cute little girl, and great acting from most everyone. Some good shock/scares. Very predictable though.
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