Case 39 review

By Songzjunkie1987
Written July 30, 2014
It was the weirdest movie ever. Best evil little girl
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A Real, Honest to God, SCARY Movie.

By mysporks
Written October 06, 2010
Being a horror movie buff, I rarely go see them. Because they make me angry. Because they show too much. Because the plot is thin. Because they're not scary. Case 39 had me tucked into a little ball in my chair, clutching my hands to my body, feeling my heart rate increase, and jumping out of my seat a few times. Save for one plot/character twist that was a little unbelievable (which I'm willing to accept, given the excellence of the rest of the movie), the whole movie was pulled off to perfection. THANK YOU FOR MAKING A SCARY MOVIE THAT SCARED ME!!!!! All three of us that went were a bit hysterical from all the adrenaline in our system by the time we left the movie. Hell yes. Even knowing what happens, I might go see it again. And I never do that... I didn't even see Avatar in theaters twice.
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Five Word Review

By solo_watchdog
Written October 02, 2010
Good Flick Fora Rainy Day
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Case 39

By karenkirst
Written November 05, 2010
Predictable, Renee Zellweger too sweet for this film...the little girl was great...had creepy down to a science.
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The Scariest Movies Include Cute Innocent-Looking Girls

By Deda-Chan
Written October 24, 2010
First off, don't trust the trailers. The trailer tells a way different story than the actual movie. It's a nice, thrilling, movie with a great twist in the middle. You go into thinking the parents of the girl are the bad guys, but it turns out the parents are the least of your worries. The only thing that left me a bit iffy was the ending. It kinda leaves you hanging wondering how Emily, the social worker, will recover in the end. Great acting, detailed to your understanding, the movie is a must see for horror movie lovers.
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